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Well – we finally did it and closed on the house yesterday.   We are officially on our journey!  First mishap, although small was we didn’t have the right adapter to fill our water tanks, but we have enough to get by for now.  Been working hard on figuring out where all the stuff we brought with us is going to fit.  For those who know Steve, you know what I mean!  Ha Ha!

Tonite will be our 3rd day here – Columbia Park in Malone, WI.   Very nice park – small.  Right on lake Winnebago.  So far we basically have the whole place to ourselves, but that will change come Thursday when everyone starts rolling in for the holiday weekend.  We were pretty worried about how to work everything seeing as we had our “training” from the dealership back in October of last year. But so far so good.  Now we just have to figure out how to hook up the jeep before we leave at the end of the month.  Not sure where we are headed yet?  We’ll decide in the next few days.

Dogs are doing great.  They love being able to walk and hang out.  The weather is beautiful – no complaints.



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