Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Nothing Exciting, but…

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We had to move sites because the one we were at was booked for the weekend, however no one has shown up yet. We would have loved to stay there but we like the new one as well.  We finally have some company in the park, next door is a nice couple from WI and there are about 6 others.   The couple next to us has a beautiful rig, so Steve and I decided we are going to go shopping tomorrow to upgrade.  Ha! Ha!  Just kidding.      

BREAKING NEWS  (well it was for us)- During our move we did our first water fill (successfully this time) and our first dumping of the tanks.  No problems and all went well.  I know that seems pretty trivial  and boring to all of you, but we were a bit nervous being newbies to all this.  Had one small issue when we parked at the new site, our kitchen slide was catching and wouldn’t go out, but Steve just pushed as I hit the switch, and we were good to go.  I just think we have it a bit overloaded right now, and as we start to weed out all the stuff we have packed, it will be good to go.  If not, that is what an extended warranty is for, right?

Cooked out on our new mini table top Weber gas grill for diner, and took the dogs for a nice long walk, and sat out for a while by the fire until the wind got to nuts.  Ozzie and Sami are really doing well with the new people and all the distractions.  Had our worries about Sami, but her barking isn’t so bad.  knock on wood.

Looks like rain on the way, gotta go and tighten down the hatches….

Living the dream….Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie!


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Full time RV'ers

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