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Memorial Day Weekend

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What can we say, it was a beautiful day today.  Temps were supposed to be in the 90’s, however with the nice breeze and the shade of the trees, it was very pleasant.  We had some company this weekend, our friends Pat , Nick and Kay stopped by yesterday to say hello and today Jenny, Kevin, Gavin and Jenna spent the day with us and bought dinner – awesome pizza from up the road.  It was our first carry out since we made the move and it was awesome.  We had a nice fire (thank you  for bringing the wood as we were almost out) and took a walk after dinner with the dogs.  Patti finally went up the over look tower here, not sure how high it is, but it’s high! If you know Patti, she is not a big fan of hights at all.   But it was all worth it, the veiw is to die for and hopefully before we leave, we’ll be able to catch a picture of what sunrise looks like from the tower.

We have a few more days here, and then are going to be winging it for a day or two while we have some work done on the Jeep.  We are hoping that by the 2nd we will be on our way somewhere.  Thought we had a great and very reasonable place to go in northern Michigan on lake Superior, however after a bit more research, and making the mistake of contacting the owner  by email- Ranger Jeff (who has already called us back to see if we are booking- nice guy but a little off) we are looking to other options.  Still like to head that way, however we’ll just see where the wind blows.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Living the dream!

Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie



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One thought on “Memorial Day Weekend

  1. Thank you for the hospitality! If I didn’t know any better I’d say you two are already old pros at this RVing thing. We had a wonderful time and will miss you both. Good luck on your adventures and travel safe!

    Jenny, Kevin, Jenna and Gavin

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