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Few more days and we’ll be on our way…

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We finished up Memorial Day weekend on Monday with a visit from my sister Laura, her husband Roger and their kids, Zack, Ryan (girlfriend Cassie) and Cherie.  They all pulled up on their motorcycles and visited for a bit.  They left in time before the storm hit.  It was a  pretty quick storm but it was loud and I thought the hail was going to punch hole in the roof.   We had hail in a storm earlier in the week, but I don’t think I ever saw hail as big as we got Monday.  We took a picture of what it looked like out the window – hard to tell what  it’s of, but that’s exactly what we saw out the window.  About 15 minutes after the storm came through, I picked up a few pieces and took a picture.  By then they had melted quite a bit, they were about twice the size as they are in the picture.  After the storm passed, we started up a nice fire.  Had a just a few more bits and pieces of old paperwork to burn – I think I saved every piece of paperwork/bill I ever got..I apologized to Steve for giving him a hassle about his collecting habits.  Ha Ha.  It was like going through memory lane looking at all that stuff.   We were alone in the park so we knew we’d be ok to do that without bothering anyone.  As the sun was setting Steve pointed off to the woods and there stood a beautiful doe.  We tried to get the camera to take a picture, but it got spooked and ran off.

Yesterday we took a nice walk with the dogs and got on the bikes and rode along the lake road.  It was very windy but really nice.  Steve did his daily climb up the tower, I think from the picture he took you get an idea of how high it is. 

We were supposed to leave today but the Jeep isn’t done yet.  Just getting some rust issues taken care of.  Figured it would be best to do it now before we head south and the problem gets worse.  Fortunately, we are able to stay here 2 more nights.  Still trying to figure out where we are going next.  Have some things we need to have installed on the motorhome from when we bought it so we may head up to Wausau to get that done right away. 

Not much going on today.  It’s pretty cool out.  We slept in today, well as long as we could before the roar of the county guy mowing the grounds.  Got a few new neighbors today.  There is another motorhome next to us and a camper a few spots away.  They brought a chest freezer with them?  Not sure why someone would need that unless they plan on staying here a really long time and packed up on frozed goods, or if they are planning on catching a lot of fish of the lake???  Who knows….

We’ll that’s about it, time to curl up with a book and read for awhile….talk to you all soon.  Love to hear from you as well..please feel free to comment on our blog!

Steve and Patti





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