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Sami & Ozzie go swimming…again!

Although we knew the consequences, we just couldn’t resist taking the dogs to the beach for a swim.  They had a blast and yes…there was sand everywhere, but so worth it.  Enjoy the video. 

Also, we found out yesterday that one of Kid Rock’s recent videos was filmed here in Munising, you can see Picture Rock – where we hope to go today – shown many times in the video.  Thought we would post the video so you can see all the professionally shot footage of the area rather than the pictures our old camera takes.

Have a great weekend everyone!



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Hello from Munising Michigan

We left Baraga on Tuesday but before leaving we took advantage of the incredible gas prices on the reservation there – $3.20 a gallon!  After that we headed to Marquette.  We stayed there just one night in a cute little Municipal park that was right in the city.  You wouldn’t have known it as it was a very wooded and quite place.  Marquette is a very beautiful area, the streets are all lined with planted flowers and cute shops along the way.

Wednesday we headed to Munising.  Before you get to Munising, you have to drive through Christmas MI.  Very small town but we did get a picture of Santa’s workshop!

Christmas Michigan

We are staying at a place right before you get into Munising, at the Tourist Park.  This campground is right on Lake Superior and if you walk 50 yards you are right on the beach.  We were only going to stay the one night but like it so much, we decided to stay 3 and will leave on Saturday, had to actually think about that one, hard to tell what day it is sometimes.  We headed into town today and did some shopping and then we headed to a few waterfalls.  We actually saw some good ones this time.  Tomorrow we are going to head out and see some more and hopefully head out to Picture Rock.  The weather is great and cool in the shade but warm in the sun.  There is an awesome breeze and the smell of campfires all around. 

Ozzie and Sami are loving every minute of this.  They have been pretty good but are a work in progress! 

Click on first picture to view slide show.


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Big Day for Travel!! :0)

We left the comfort of our favorite place so far in Houghton MI around 11 a.m.  We met some really nice folks there who were traveling through on their way to Wyoming from Long Island, NY.  They were teachers off for the summer and were meeting up with some people out that way.  They gave us some good ideas on places to stay as they came from the way we are heading.

We traveled a long way today, a whole 35 miles south to Baraga!  We passed through this way on our way up north and knew of this little casino called Ijibwa we wanted to check out.  I tell you, these places just have the best rates out there for RV’s.  They charge $20 a night for full hook ups and cable and give you back $5 in free play (which I am hoping to keep my streak alive this evening and win a few bucks.  I’m not greedy and don’t expect to win anything, but if we can cover the cost of camping for the night, I’m all for it :0).  We are here for a night maybe more, we’ll see how we like it. 

We are going to be traveling east and then North to Sault Ste. Marie for the 4th of July.  We have some time to kill and will head over that way slowly.  We are hoping to capture some good pictures of ships on the St. Mary’s River and should have some great views of the fireworks on the 4th right from the comfort of our Motor Home – so the camp host has told us.  We’ll see.  Also plan to cross over to Canada and do some exploring while we’re there.

Some things we still want to do while we are here though.  There are some areas on Hwy 41 where you can pull over and access small sandy beaches right on the Keewanaw Bay.   Looks like you could walk out quite a ways before it gets deep so maybeeeee we’ll take the dogs and see if they feel like taking a swim…but with white dogs and sand, as I have found out, it’s not always the best idea.  As I type this Steve is shaking his head no..I’ll work on him though, the dogs really do love it. 

Nothing else really to report other than the weather this week was cool, in the 70’s, if that and we had some rain for most of it, but it looks like we are in a good stretch for the next week and might even see 80’s!!!  Looks like we got up here just in time to escape the heat wave you have all had!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Living the Dream,  Steve, Patti, Ozzie & Sami

Pictures will follow in the next post…promise!

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June 21st.

It’s been a pretty uneventful couple of days.  It seems that every morning that we have woken up, it’s been raining.  Good reason to sleep in, but not this morning.  The sun is out, although there are a few remaining gray clouds hanging around, today is supposed to be nice out.  We had our first tornado warning yesterday afternoon, turns out it was just a storm that appeared to be capable of producing a tornado and it was 8 miles north of us in Hubbell, MI.  Nothing came of it, thank goodness.  We had quite a storm and it rained from 3pm until sometime in the middle of the night. 

Finally got to see the Portage Canal Bridge open up yesterday.  Was interesting to watch and how fast they are able to raise and lower it back down for the traffic to cross again was pretty amazing.  There has also been a couple days where there is someone down on the beach playing bag pipes…they are pretty good too! It’s actually kind of relaxing to listen to them.

Working on where we are heading next as we leave here on Sunday.  We are thinking of possibly heading to  the Mackinaw area now.  We were originally looking at Duluth, but with all the flooding they are having there, we’ll probably head in a different direction.

Happy Summer!



Happy Fathers Day

This past weekend we headed up to Copper Harbor Michigan.  It was a beautiful drive, with this whole big motor home, the dogs want to be in only one place while we drive – down by Patti’s feet – no she wasn’t driving.  Not yet at least, one of these days… 


All this room and this is were they like to ride

We followed Hwy 41 until it would go no further and we were in Copper Harbor. 

It’s a cute little town, a few shops, restaurants and lots of cottages. 

 Just two blocks from town is Fanny Hooe Campground and Resort.  Nice little place with the Campground, Motel and Cottages.  It was on Lake Fanny Hooe and very private.  They handed out notices about not feeding the bears, yeah right…like if we saw a bear, we’d feed it!  But never the less, we didn’t see anything but geese, chipmunks and deer flies.  It was a nice place but during the 1/2 hour it took to set up, Patti attracted every deer fly there was in the place and she got bit over 27 times in the neck and the face.  Once we got settled they weren’t so bad, we must of stirred them up when we pulled in. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Took a nice walk with the dogs and then took a bike ride up the road.  We finally saw our first water fall – Maganese Falls, it wasn’t big, but it was tucked away in the woods off the road we were camping on.  Then we turned around and headed into Copper Falls, it was a beautiful evening…water was calm.   

Saturday morning the bites took their toll on Patti and her face and neck swelled up and her left eye was swollen shut.  We spent most of the day inside Saturday and pulled out this morning back to Houghton MI.  We are back at the Houghton RV park where we were last week.  We would definately recommend this place to anyone!  We will be here through Sunday and then off to our next adventure. 

Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie.

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June 14th

Today was not such a good day weather wise.  It rained most of the day and still more to come.  But it gave us a chance to relax and unwind after a busy day yesterday.

Yesterday we set off to visit one of the many waterfalls in the area. We headed off to the closest on the map, the Hungarian Falls….the directions were as follows:  In Tamarack, turn north on 6th street and go 2 blocks (which meant 2 houses I guess), to a fork in the road…take the left fork and drive uphill (6th street was a gravel road) to the 2nd trail road on the left (which there were many trails, some gated off others not), turn left and go .2 miles to a fork (you couldn’t drive that far unless you wanted a new alignment on your vehicle)  the right fork goes to the upper falls, the left to the lower.  Well, we tried the left….crossed some bridge that I was glad we were on foot and not in the car, walked about a half mile until we hit a paved road – nothing.  Backtracked and then took the right fork, walked up some trail on the edge of the cliff for at least a half hour and at least 200 ft up, nothing.  While we were a bit disappointed, the dogs loved every minute of it.  We did see a sign for a bar that pointed down a trail down hill, we were plenty thirsty by this point, but we decided to pass.  At any time we thought a bear or someone from one of those B rated scary movies may pop out from behind a tree.  Although beautiful forest area, I felt a bit better once we got closer to the car.  Found out later from our camp host that we probably didn’t see anything because it’s been so dry…oh well.


Sign for a bar that was on the trail we were walking while trying to find Hungarian Falls.

This is all we saw of Hungarian Falls.

After that, we discoved a little something my Dad will enjoy. 

Hubbell MI

 Tried to take the dogs for a swim again, that didn’t go so well this time.  Was able to get Sami in but Ozzie wanted nothing to do with it.  Note to self…never take a dog into water on a big sandy beach….she hit the shower after we got back to the RV.  Lessoned learned!!    Another lessoned learned.  If you buy a case of beer or soda here, you also pay .10 cents a can deposit.  So for a case of beer, it costs you $2.40 on top of the reg. price, which you get back, but since we have been saving our cans since we left, we may come out a little ahead!! :0)

Today there was a training ship that went through the canal.  It was pretty cool to see but I was hoping it would go under the bridge so I could catch a picture of that opening up, but sadly it just parked in the harbor.  Probably for the big Bridge Fest/Seafood Festival going on this weekend.  We could find anywhere around here to stay so we are heading up to Copper Harbor for the weekend.  We’ll be coming back here on Sunday for a week, hopefully after the rain we are having, we’ll actually be able to see some actuall waterfalls.

Happy Fathers Day weekend!

Steve, Patti, Ozzie & Sami

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New Look

Trying out a new look for the blog.  Hope you like it. 

Weather has warmed up a bit and the wind has stopped finally.  Today we are heading out to explore.  Possibly head up to the shore of Lake Superior and check it out.  They are getting ready for Bridge Fest this weekend, which is why we need to leave by Friday morning – they are booked up.  It’s a big Seafood festival -wish I would have known about that one!!!!  Sounds like a really good time.  If we can find somewhere to park close, we’ll maybe come back and check it out.  It’s been pretty empty so far, but they are starting to roll in and the park is filling up. 

Above is a picture of one of the amazing sunsets here. 

Have a great day!