Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

On the move


This morning we left Columbia Park early to head up to Wausau to the dealership that we purchased our motorhome from.  Just needed some minor tweaks an fixes done.  The are great here, they let us stay in their lot with 50amp and water hookup at no charge.  Just  a few things to do tomorrow and we’ll be on the move again.

When we left, we had to drive past the site of that horrific accident on 151 where the car plowed into all those motorcycles.  I remember yesterday afternoon, Steve was in town and I was doing some packing in the the motorhome, I started hearing all these sirens and they were so close, then the town sounded the tornado sirens-which seemed like forever.   I quickly turned on the tv and weather radio, but the weather was calm – just overcast so I started to wonder if it was some other type of emergency warning.     I wonder if that is how they notifies all it’s local volunteers.  151was blocked right at our lake road and Steve had to take a detour around to get back to the campground.  As we drove past the site today, we saw all the skid marks and what we choose to believe were gas and oil stains on the road.  Our prayers go out to all those bikers and their families.  Very sad!

Hope you are all doing well and we’ll be in touch….

Steve and Patti



Author: 4gslivingthedream

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2 thoughts on “On the move

  1. Yeah, it was a sweet gig for a while, but I retired already. Ha.Ha.

  2. Steve herd that you took a job at wal mart as a traveling greeter. Is that true?

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