Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Sunday June 3rd


We spent the weekend at the dealership and tomorrow we should finish up on the few things left we need to get taken care off.  Other than people looking at the campers and motorhomes on the lot, we had the place to ourselves until this afternoon when another couple from Spring Green, WI pulled in who are having service tomorrow.  Great people…I ran out of propane for the gas grill…they brought theirs right over.  He also offered us his tools so we could finish washing off the bugs in front of the motor home after he was done.   Super nice people.

Before all that, we decided to do a little sight seeing in the area.  Went up Rib  Mountain with the dogs and it turned out to be Open House day and admission was free.  Walked around the park and saw some awesome views.  Posted are some pictures and to go along with theme of previous posts, another tower!!!  Steve climbed up the lookout tower at the top of the mountain and took a picture of me and the dogs below.  Kinda hard to see but it was pretty high.

We will probably head up to Merrill or Rhinelander tomorrow.  Wasn’t the plan but we went to best buy to get our wireless router here in Wausau and for some reason they can’t do verizon here, something about them going through Cellcom in this area????   So either we’ll pass through and just stop to get that taken care of or we’ll try to find a place for the night or two.  That’s our homework tonite. 

Enjoy the pictures.  And a big Happy Birthday to Karen W!!!!

Steve and Patti



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5 thoughts on “Sunday June 3rd

  1. We were there durning winter, in 2011 and watched people skiing down the slopes. Yes, you should stop by Jodie, I bet she would like that! Yes, the weather is great here as well. Hope you find somewhere to go by Steve’s Birthday 🙂 LLR

    • Looks like we may need to actually head east to Green Bay now. No one up here carries the verizon wireless wifi and GB is the closest. That is if we ever get to leave. We didn’t get any work done today, but the guy just stopped by and looked at our list of things we need done yet and they are going to start on it tomorrow at 10am and hopefully get what they can done. The leak may be coming from behind the shower so that is the most important thing we need to get fixed. Busy place. Another 2 big rigs pulled up this afternoon from PA. They came here because they heard that Kings is one of the top 10 in the country for service!! That’s a long drive!! Hopefully we can leave here by Steve’s birthday!

      Hope everything is going well with all of you!

  2. Still here waiting. I think it will be another night yet. Oh well. Noticed a leak underneath from either the shower or the fridge. They’ll have to check that out as well. Might as well while we are here. The weather is awesome!

  3. Cool pictures. Stop by Jodie when your in Rhinelander.
    Love Dad

  4. We were there with the kids and Steven a few years ago…amazing view from the top of the tower. It feels like you are on top of the world because you are on top of a tower on top of a mountain!

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