Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

June 7th

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Sorry we haven’t been in touch. We pulled into Northstar Casino late Monday and we thought we’d have free wifi at the campsite but it didn’t work up there so we have to come down to the casino to get online.  The RV park is really nice!   There are only a few campers and it is very private and peaceful.We celebrated Steve’s 44th birthday yesterday! Had a nice big breakfast which he followed by a nice big nap!  Had a nice dinner and fire afterwards.

We are here for one more night and plan to hit the casino with our free play money. We get $10 per day which comes out to only $15 per day for the site with full hookups, not to bad.

Only thing that freaked me out this morning was the tick on the wall in our bedroom I saw when I was making the bed!  Dogs will be ok as they are on meds…but Steve and I will have to watch out.  YUCK!

After this we’ll be heading to GB to get our wifi for the motor home and then up to the UP.

Hope all is well with all of you!

Sorry no pictures…I’ll post them as soon as we get our wifi.

Steve & Patti



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