Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Houghton MI


Last night we decided to introduce the dogs to the water and see what they would do.  I had Sami and Steve had Ozzie.  Sami at first wanted nothing to do with it, then I lead Ozzie towards the water and he galloped right in.  Sami soon followed with Steve and they both just loved it.  Something we want to do more with them.  They dried off fairly quickly so we didn’t need to deal with the “wet dog” smell.

This morning we packed up and left Lake Michigamme – We really liked the place but the mosquitos were horrible  at least to me.  Their mosquitos are really tiny up here but they bite just as big as the ones back home!  Still have a few in the MH we are trying to get rid of.

We headed up Hwy 41 to Houghton MI.  We found this nice little RV park online right in the downtown area right on the Portage Canal.  I have to say, the drive here was really breathtaking.  We drove through L’Anse and Baraga, both have increadible views. 

We will be here until Friday morning then they are booked here for the weekend.  We are either going to head to a state park and come back here or head up to Copper Harbor.   We really like it here so far though, there is full hook up and cable, which we haven’t had in 3 weeks so that is a nice treat.  For me, I feel spoiled with the full hookups, I am able to use the washer/dryer which works great although loads are small.  We figured out that when it’s time to do laundry it pays to pay more for full hook up sites, it all washes out in the end…no pun intended.  Ha! Ha!

Well, it’s time to get going on dinner.  Here are some pictures from our drive today and our site, as well as a little picture I snuck in during nap time.    Enjoy!

Steve and Patti


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3 thoughts on “Houghton MI

  1. I see them this morning! LLR

  2. Can’t see any of the pictures…they don’t come up. All the rest have been fine. Anyone else have this problem?? LLR

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