Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

June 14th

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Today was not such a good day weather wise.  It rained most of the day and still more to come.  But it gave us a chance to relax and unwind after a busy day yesterday.

Yesterday we set off to visit one of the many waterfalls in the area. We headed off to the closest on the map, the Hungarian Falls….the directions were as follows:  In Tamarack, turn north on 6th street and go 2 blocks (which meant 2 houses I guess), to a fork in the road…take the left fork and drive uphill (6th street was a gravel road) to the 2nd trail road on the left (which there were many trails, some gated off others not), turn left and go .2 miles to a fork (you couldn’t drive that far unless you wanted a new alignment on your vehicle)  the right fork goes to the upper falls, the left to the lower.  Well, we tried the left….crossed some bridge that I was glad we were on foot and not in the car, walked about a half mile until we hit a paved road – nothing.  Backtracked and then took the right fork, walked up some trail on the edge of the cliff for at least a half hour and at least 200 ft up, nothing.  While we were a bit disappointed, the dogs loved every minute of it.  We did see a sign for a bar that pointed down a trail down hill, we were plenty thirsty by this point, but we decided to pass.  At any time we thought a bear or someone from one of those B rated scary movies may pop out from behind a tree.  Although beautiful forest area, I felt a bit better once we got closer to the car.  Found out later from our camp host that we probably didn’t see anything because it’s been so dry…oh well.


Sign for a bar that was on the trail we were walking while trying to find Hungarian Falls.

This is all we saw of Hungarian Falls.

After that, we discoved a little something my Dad will enjoy. 

Hubbell MI

 Tried to take the dogs for a swim again, that didn’t go so well this time.  Was able to get Sami in but Ozzie wanted nothing to do with it.  Note to self…never take a dog into water on a big sandy beach….she hit the shower after we got back to the RV.  Lessoned learned!!    Another lessoned learned.  If you buy a case of beer or soda here, you also pay .10 cents a can deposit.  So for a case of beer, it costs you $2.40 on top of the reg. price, which you get back, but since we have been saving our cans since we left, we may come out a little ahead!! :0)

Today there was a training ship that went through the canal.  It was pretty cool to see but I was hoping it would go under the bridge so I could catch a picture of that opening up, but sadly it just parked in the harbor.  Probably for the big Bridge Fest/Seafood Festival going on this weekend.  We could find anywhere around here to stay so we are heading up to Copper Harbor for the weekend.  We’ll be coming back here on Sunday for a week, hopefully after the rain we are having, we’ll actually be able to see some actuall waterfalls.

Happy Fathers Day weekend!

Steve, Patti, Ozzie & Sami


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