Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

June 21st.

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It’s been a pretty uneventful couple of days.  It seems that every morning that we have woken up, it’s been raining.  Good reason to sleep in, but not this morning.  The sun is out, although there are a few remaining gray clouds hanging around, today is supposed to be nice out.  We had our first tornado warning yesterday afternoon, turns out it was just a storm that appeared to be capable of producing a tornado and it was 8 miles north of us in Hubbell, MI.  Nothing came of it, thank goodness.  We had quite a storm and it rained from 3pm until sometime in the middle of the night. 

Finally got to see the Portage Canal Bridge open up yesterday.  Was interesting to watch and how fast they are able to raise and lower it back down for the traffic to cross again was pretty amazing.  There has also been a couple days where there is someone down on the beach playing bag pipes…they are pretty good too! It’s actually kind of relaxing to listen to them.

Working on where we are heading next as we leave here on Sunday.  We are thinking of possibly heading to  the Mackinaw area now.  We were originally looking at Duluth, but with all the flooding they are having there, we’ll probably head in a different direction.

Happy Summer!



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