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Big Day for Travel!! :0)

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We left the comfort of our favorite place so far in Houghton MI around 11 a.m.  We met some really nice folks there who were traveling through on their way to Wyoming from Long Island, NY.  They were teachers off for the summer and were meeting up with some people out that way.  They gave us some good ideas on places to stay as they came from the way we are heading.

We traveled a long way today, a whole 35 miles south to Baraga!  We passed through this way on our way up north and knew of this little casino called Ijibwa we wanted to check out.  I tell you, these places just have the best rates out there for RV’s.  They charge $20 a night for full hook ups and cable and give you back $5 in free play (which I am hoping to keep my streak alive this evening and win a few bucks.  I’m not greedy and don’t expect to win anything, but if we can cover the cost of camping for the night, I’m all for it :0).  We are here for a night maybe more, we’ll see how we like it. 

We are going to be traveling east and then North to Sault Ste. Marie for the 4th of July.  We have some time to kill and will head over that way slowly.  We are hoping to capture some good pictures of ships on the St. Mary’s River and should have some great views of the fireworks on the 4th right from the comfort of our Motor Home – so the camp host has told us.  We’ll see.  Also plan to cross over to Canada and do some exploring while we’re there.

Some things we still want to do while we are here though.  There are some areas on Hwy 41 where you can pull over and access small sandy beaches right on the Keewanaw Bay.   Looks like you could walk out quite a ways before it gets deep so maybeeeee we’ll take the dogs and see if they feel like taking a swim…but with white dogs and sand, as I have found out, it’s not always the best idea.  As I type this Steve is shaking his head no..I’ll work on him though, the dogs really do love it. 

Nothing else really to report other than the weather this week was cool, in the 70’s, if that and we had some rain for most of it, but it looks like we are in a good stretch for the next week and might even see 80’s!!!  Looks like we got up here just in time to escape the heat wave you have all had!

Hope you had a great weekend.

Living the Dream,  Steve, Patti, Ozzie & Sami

Pictures will follow in the next post…promise!


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One thought on “Big Day for Travel!! :0)

  1. No luck at the Casino here! Oh well. The plan is to head out tomorrow not sure where we’ll land. Keep you all posted. Wildlife update…..no moose or bear, but did see a few turtles sunning themselves on a log in a lagoon!

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