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Fond du Lac here we come!

We should be in town around 2 pm tomorrow.  It’s going to be a busy couple of days though!  One of our air conditioners isn’t working so we are hoping to get that taken care of on Friday which is the soonest we could get in anywhere in a 65 mile radius otherwise we would have to wait until August 13th!  With the warm weather there is no way!  By the afternoon, it’s pretty warm in here.  We will also be celebrating Patti’s parents 50th anniversary and wrapping  up a few things before we head out again.

Had a nice visit from Laura and Roger on Sunday!  Would have posted some pictures but our camera got a little excited at Packer practice and tried to tackle the ground from the top of the bleachers, the ground won!!

Happy belated birthday to Kevin!  We’ll be waiting for our “like new” camp chair! Ha ha!!

See you all soon!




Title Town!

Headed south again today and landed in Title Town. Steve is going to try to catch some training camp over the next few days.   We had to pack up in the rain again this morning, which isn’t much fun but it’s beautiful here  in Green Bay.

We are back at Oneida, however we were disappointed to find out we didn’t get the free play this time. Maybe they figured since we came out ahead last time, they wouldn’t give us that opportunity again! :0)

Feels strange being back in the area after being gone over two months. When we get to Fond du Lac, there are two things we are craving – Steve’s is Bob’s Pizza and Patti’s is Joe’s Fox Hut Pizza!  I know, we are pretty boring people. We also look forward to seeing our friends and family again.   Just a few more days to go!

Have a great weekend!

Steve, Patti, Ozzie & Sami


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On the Road Again

We spent 3 nights at OB Fuller Park just south of Escanaba.  It rained quite a bit this morning and we were glad we didn’t take that site with 50 amp service after all.  The RV that pulled in this morning during the rain, got stuck in the sand and muck…they had to be towed out.  Still really enjoyed the time we spent there but time to move on.  The camp hosts, including their dog Earl, brought over a little pool for the dogs during the hot weather.  We would have taken them in the Lake, but with the water levels being so low, the black muck would have definitely stuck with them through many washings.  The dogs really enjoyed their own private pool – we did too :0)  If you are looking for a really nice place to stay that is quiet and relaxing, we would definitely recommend this campground!!

Today we drove south and crossed back into CST and gained our hour back that we lost on the way up.  We are at a park in the City of Menominee, MI -River Park Campground.  Just a few minutes from the state line.  Very well taken care of park right on the river.  I can see the ship building factories from our window.  I sat out for a little bit today and noticed 2 big differences – no biting flies and more heat/humidity.

Click on first picture to see entire slide show.

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It’s HOT!

After spending two nights in Cedarville, MI, we headed back along the southern part of the UP.  We stopped at a park in Escanaba for a few nights.  It was right on the Escanaba River, not that you could really see it though. Our site was very large and sandy, our back levels had to have been down 5 Inches in the sand and it was impossible to properly level, but we made it through it ok. The park itself seemed to be a big party destination for a lot of folks so we packed up yesterday and headed south of Escanaba, about 20 miles to another park right on Lake Michigan.

It’s a small place with some really nice camp hosts. We chose to forgo the luxury of 50 amp service and took a 30amp site that is right across from the beach.  It’s almost like looking out at the ocean, you can’t see any land or boats passing by. The beach is sandy and a little mucky, they had recently just leveled it out.  However you can walk out over 100 yards and only be in water up to your knees. It’s as warm as bath water. Yesterday there were two Sandhills cranes on the edge of the beach, a family of swans swimming in the area and lots of other birds I don’t recognize. Even saw a dead pine snake! Ewe!  Last night was clear, although humid. You could see every star in the sky!

This morning we woke up and it was hot!  Last I looked, 91!  That doesn’t seem like much to those of you who have been living with this and much worse heat, but it’s the first we’ve had.  Blew the circuit breaker about 15 min ago. Running both air conditioning units and the fridge puts us at 27 amps , so there isn’t much more we can plug in or operate.  But it will cool of in a few hours and be fine. Good time to catch up on some reading.

Next post will have pictures!  STAY COOL!!

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Back in the UP of Michigan

We left Sault Ste Marine on Monday and headed south after we took one more trip to the Locks.  Not much happening there so we ended up doing a little window shopping and couldn’t resist the smell of the fudge and now have way more than we need in our freezer.

We decided we wanted to take the Mackinac  Bridge into Mackinaw City.  Neither of us have ever seen it.  I was a little apprehensive and not a big fan of heights at all, but it was really something to see.  We found a little campsite with a really nice view of the bridge and stayed there for 2 nights.  The campground wasn’t that bad, but we were packed in like sardines and the water pressure there was horrible.  Our original plan was to head south from there through Michigan around to Chicago and back up to Fond du Lac for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, but we could tell there was definitely a difference in the weather and it was hotter and more humid, so Wednesday we headed back across the Mackinac bridge back to the UP!!!

We are in Cedarville, MI which is about 45 minutes from Hwy 75.  We are right on Cedarville Bay which is right off of Lake Huron.  Only 2 more of the Great Lakes left to see!  We’ll hit them sooner or later.  There isn’t much to this town and a good portion of the campsites are “owned”.  Some with 5th wheels- all decked out, some with park models but we have a nice view and it’s really quiet.    There are people from New Jersey, Washington, Florida and all over here.

We are planning on heading west tomorrow towards Manisitque. 


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July 14th

Not a lot new going on with us.  We left Aune Osborn campground on Wednesday.  Nice place for a city run park.  Over the past weekend, they had a pig roast and pot luck for all the campers, had door prizes and brought in entertainment.  While we were there, Steve was on a bike ride and had discovered that the Elks club down the road, has it’s own RV park right on the river, so on Wednesday, we packed up and drove a quarter of a mile and pulled in and set up camp.  There are only 4 spots here and we were lucky enough to get the one right on the end.  As I sit here, the ships are passing by right in front of us.  The dogs love it here and we are able to let them run around a bit off leash. 

It’s been pretty warm the last few days.  Finally got to do some swimming.  Found a path off our site that leads down to the river.  You have to wear water shoes though, it’s pretty rocky but the water is so clear and it was nice to cool off a bit.  The nights are cool and very comfortable. 

Hope all is well.

Steve, Patti, Ozzie and Sami

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