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Sault Ste. Marie MI & finally some pictures!

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We left Munising on July 1st, but not before hitting a few more waterfalls and visiting Pictured Rocks.  We went to Memorial Falls and then to Miners Falls, the walk to Miners Falls was about a mile and a half through dense forest area.  But it was well worth the walk and a good work out on top of it.  After that, about 5 miles down the road were the Pictured Rocks.  I don’t know what we expected, but as we started walking out onto the observation deck I recall thinking to myself, ok where is this thing.  Then you look down and there it is.  The water was so blue, the pictures really don’t even do it justice.  We were really glad we went.

After Munising, we headed to a little casino with an RV park in Brimley – they advertise that they are just like Vegas and serve free drinks.  It was Steve’s turn to try his luck as he has never stepped into one casino yet that we have stopped by for camping.  He threw a couple bucks away and we took advantage of a free beer and walked away.  We needed to get caught up on laundry and do a few maintainance type things on the motorhome, like defrost the freezer and fridge…things we took for granted before since we never had to do that.  Anyways, we spend 3 nights there, not much to the town at all but 2 casinos, a gas station and a store.  We did do a little exploring around the area and found this Indian burial site.  It was pretty unique, all the wooden caskets were above ground.  I couldn’t find much about it on the internet, but the pictures are pretty cool.

After we left Brimely, we arrived in Sault Ste Marie on July 4th.  It’s a little RV park ran by the city and right on St. Mary’s River.  It’s amazing to see these ships pass by so up close.  When we were in Mexico, we remember seeing them on the horizon, but never this close.  I even had a video I uploaded to You Tube to share, but something happened and it was gone, when I tried to reload it, it wouldn’t let me.  We’ll try again in the next day or two to get another video and upload it as well as some pictures of the locks.  We watched the fireworks on the 4th, not bad, thought they would have been a little better, but we were pretty far away.  Sad to say – we have not seen the Northern Lights.  They were supposed to be out the last two nights so either they came out after we went to sleep or the full moon that we have hade had isn’t allowing us to see them.  I think there is a chance again tonight though.

Otherwise, hope you all had a great 4th, enjoy the slide show.

 Steve & Patti

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One thought on “Sault Ste. Marie MI & finally some pictures!

  1. By the pictures you’ve been posting appears you’ve seen some beautiful sights. Sounds like you have been enjoying yourself.

    Enjoy reading about your journey.

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