Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

July 14th


Not a lot new going on with us.  We left Aune Osborn campground on Wednesday.  Nice place for a city run park.  Over the past weekend, they had a pig roast and pot luck for all the campers, had door prizes and brought in entertainment.  While we were there, Steve was on a bike ride and had discovered that the Elks club down the road, has it’s own RV park right on the river, so on Wednesday, we packed up and drove a quarter of a mile and pulled in and set up camp.  There are only 4 spots here and we were lucky enough to get the one right on the end.  As I sit here, the ships are passing by right in front of us.  The dogs love it here and we are able to let them run around a bit off leash. 

It’s been pretty warm the last few days.  Finally got to do some swimming.  Found a path off our site that leads down to the river.  You have to wear water shoes though, it’s pretty rocky but the water is so clear and it was nice to cool off a bit.  The nights are cool and very comfortable. 

Hope all is well.

Steve, Patti, Ozzie and Sami

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Author: 4gslivingthedream

Full time RV'ers

2 thoughts on “July 14th

  1. Nice pic’s especially the dogs in the motorhome. Does Steve belong to the Elks? Do they charge for members to camp?

    • No he doesn’t but we re thinking about joining. Here you don’t have to be a member, but they have RV parking all over the country and in most you do have to be a member. Here it’s 25$ a night for water and electric, but some places only charge 5-15$ a night.

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