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Back in the UP of Michigan

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We left Sault Ste Marine on Monday and headed south after we took one more trip to the Locks.  Not much happening there so we ended up doing a little window shopping and couldn’t resist the smell of the fudge and now have way more than we need in our freezer.

We decided we wanted to take the Mackinac  Bridge into Mackinaw City.  Neither of us have ever seen it.  I was a little apprehensive and not a big fan of heights at all, but it was really something to see.  We found a little campsite with a really nice view of the bridge and stayed there for 2 nights.  The campground wasn’t that bad, but we were packed in like sardines and the water pressure there was horrible.  Our original plan was to head south from there through Michigan around to Chicago and back up to Fond du Lac for my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, but we could tell there was definitely a difference in the weather and it was hotter and more humid, so Wednesday we headed back across the Mackinac bridge back to the UP!!!

We are in Cedarville, MI which is about 45 minutes from Hwy 75.  We are right on Cedarville Bay which is right off of Lake Huron.  Only 2 more of the Great Lakes left to see!  We’ll hit them sooner or later.  There isn’t much to this town and a good portion of the campsites are “owned”.  Some with 5th wheels- all decked out, some with park models but we have a nice view and it’s really quiet.    There are people from New Jersey, Washington, Florida and all over here.

We are planning on heading west tomorrow towards Manisitque. 


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One thought on “Back in the UP of Michigan

  1. nice photos, you guys must like bridges and the tolls. I bet you can’t wait to head out southwest.

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