Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Washburn WI

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We had a nice send off from Fond du Lac from Patti’s sister Laura, her husband Roger and friend Scott Friday night.  Saturday, Steve’s mom Sheila, Jenny, Kevin and Patti’s dad Bill all stopped by before we headed back to Wausau.  Sorry I didn’t get pictures of everyone!

Big bad bikers! Laura and Roger

Steve and Scott

Roger, Laura, Scott & Patti

After that we headed back up to Wausau to Kings Campers to get some minor repairs done on Monday.  By the time they finished up on Monday it was late so we stayed there one more night and headed out on Tuesday morning.  We literally didn’t decide until we were driving out of Wausau where we were going to go, but decided to head north again.  We drove up to Ashland and found a nice little park a few miles north of there in Washburn WI.  On the drive up we noticed that the colors are starting to change a bit.

Today we went into town to do some shopping, it’s been the first time since we have had to leave the dogs alone since Sami’s surgery.  Don’t know what happened, but now that Sami is fixed, Ozzie is more than determined that she is NOT!!  Either that or he is in denial!  ha ha.  We were a little concerned about leaving them since Sami still has her staples in and Ozzie just wont leave her alone.  So we decided to break out the soft sided kennel and put Ozzie in there while we were gone.  Well… we got home and guess who greeted us at the door, OZZIE!  We thought for sure he ripped up the kennel to get out while we were gone, but thankfuly he didn’t.  He figured out the zipper and let himself out!!!  We knew he was a smart dog, but we didn’t think he was that smart!  Anyways, they did ok while we were gone and in a few days I can take out her staples and hopefully everything will be back to normal.

Here are some pictures of the campground we are staying at.

Our campsite


They have an artesian well here that people stop in all day long, either just to fill their water bottles or bring big 5 gallon plastic containers to fill up by the truck load.  It’s very good and very cold water.  It runs free from a spout 24 hrs a day and the run off goes back underground and down to the lake.  The lake isn’t to bad, we are on the Chequamegon Bay so it’s not as nice as what we saw in MI. Lots of people fishing here though.

We will head out of here tomorrow and may go up to Bayfield and see the Apostle Islands or down to Ashland for a few days.  We have a plan of where we want to go after that, but need to check on a few things before we head out.  So the next post will be a suprise!

Talk to you soon!

Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie


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