Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Ozzie’s got a girlfriend!!

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Ozzie and I were walking around the park last night and out comes running the cutest little thing ready to play with Ozzie.  I thought it was a really little Min. American Eskimo like Ozzie but it turned out to be a Min. Samoyed/Pom mix named Ivy.  Other than the size they looked exactly alike.  They played and ran around and I could tell immediately that there was a love connection!  The owner wanted to know right away if Ozzie was neutered.  She wanted to know if we’d breed him.  We’ll he’s not, but unless her dog was in heat now, that wouldn’t have made any difference anyways.   We parted ways and Ozzie was sad the rest of the night…until this morning….there she was playing frisbee in the field and Ozzie went a running…it was a blissful reunion!  And no, that is not cologne behind Ivy’s ear…it’s goose poop, but that must be the musk of the canine world!

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One thought on “Ozzie’s got a girlfriend!!

  1. So cute!!! Your a proud mama

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