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Herbster WI

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After leaving Washburn, we headed south back to Ashland.  We drove through it on the way up and we found a nice municipal park we wanted to stay at for a few days.  They have some really nice bike trails that follow the water and are really nice and close to the downtown.  It seamed everywhere you turned, there were murals painted on the sides of the buildings that are inspired by the history of the town. 

Yesterday we packed up and headed back north on Hwy 13 up and around on our way to Herbster.  We passed through Bayfield which looks like a really nice place with tons of shops and restaurants.  Very touristy, but upscale.  Once we got into Herbster, which consists of 2 bars, a laundromat and a very high priced gas station, we found our way to the campground. Our timing was very good as we got the last spot available, they don’t take reservations.  We are parked facing Lake Superior, it’s an awesome view.  Nice sandy beach that goes on forever in each direction but the water is pretty cold.  Great for walking.  Otherwise this seems to be the place for ATV’ing, the campground is mainly full of toy haulers.

This morning we took out the last of Sami’s staples from her surgery, they had managed to twist and I imagine they were quite painful for her, when we tried to pull them out it was obvious she was in pain, but it had to be done.  Now she is like a new dog and much happier.  After a few more days we’ll look at taking them in for quick dip in the water.  We plan on staying here until Friday, which by then we’ll have to get somewhere there is a grocery store as there is nothing within 30 miles of here. 

Happy Anniversary to  Mark & Linda and Happy Birthday Bill!

Sorry, we would have posted more pictures but the internet connection is horrible and took forever just to get these uploaded.

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  1. You should enlarge the sunset pic’s and frame them they are beautiful.

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