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600 miles later…

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And we are in Havre Montana! 

We left the Walmart parking lot in Devils Lake and no, we didn’t drive over to the Target parking lot, but hit the highway!  The stay at Walmart wasn’t that bad, it wasn’t a 24 hour store, so by 11pm, it was dead.  We woke up to a very windy day and didn’t think that we would be able to drive to far on Sunday, but we hit the oil boom in ND!  If it wasn’t for all the activity surrounding that, the drive on HWY 2 would have been so boring.  There were make shift camps with portable housing everywhere.  Not to mention campers in every campsite and in the middle of no where.  Even if we wanted to pull of to spend the night, we couldn’t.  We passed the Michels base there close to Tioga, but it came up so fast, I wasn’t able to take a picture.  We were hoping to stay in Williston which is really close to the Montana border, but when we pulled up that too was taken over and was a camp for all the workers (that explains why the number was disconnected when we tried to call – they probably bought them out).  I really don’t know what they are going to do once everything is done, up and running – they are building so many hotels to house the workers -budget hotels that are advertising rates of $699 a week!!!  Seems unreal!

Anyways, after Williston, we crossed the ND/Montana border…missed the sign it was so small.  We found online a small campground in Culberston, just a few miles into Montana.  We pulled into town, gased up and then headed to the RV park…well it was more like a small parking lot and offered no amenities….another night of dry camping.  It wasn’t bad though, there was a nice couple from Georgia that were heading the same way as we were.  On the way out this morning, we noticed that they were pulled over on the side of the highway (they had left about an hour before us) no more than 20 miles.  The car they were towing was gone and can only assume they had engine trouble.  If we could have helped we would, but we figured since their car was gone, they were getting some help.  Hope everything worked out ok for them.

Driving further into Montana, it didn’t take long to see the change of scenery, where ND is blah and just fields of hay and miscellanous ponds/lakes everywhere, Montana is more hilly and scenic.  We saw small mountains along the way and the farther west we got, the more we could see the shadows of larger mountians.  Lots of horses and cattle, oh and dead porcupines on the side of the road.  There are also little casinos EVERYWHERE, in gas stations, laundrymats, you name it….some stand alone casinos are no bigger than a McDonalds!  It’s also very dry..you can tell by the dried up streams and the landscape, mostly any green areas are by rivers or irrigation rivers for cattle. 

We made it to Havre gas here is $3.55 for gas vs. the $3.99 we paid in Culberston.  Found a campsite that is ok, have 50 amp and water and we are planning on making it to Cut Bank tomorrow.  May spent Labor Day in Glacier National Park.    Need to make some reservations here quick though.

Supposed to be hot here tomorrow, 90-100 depending on what weather site you look at.  No way we are dry camping tomorrow!!!

Here are some pictures, sorry for the poor quality, most if not all were taken while driving..

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One thought on “600 miles later…

  1. get ready for some awesome country ahead. have fun.

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