Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Cut Bank MT

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We arrived yesterday in Cut Bank MT.  Small town 40 or so miles away from Glacier National Park. Found a campground that is located on the old hwy 2 and sits  above the Cut Bank River and has really cool rock formations.  It’s warm during the days but cool at night. Last night and into this morning we could smell the smoke and see the haze from fires in Idaho, we heard that they have over 430.000 acres on fire. However, today is very windy and much clearer.  Across the river and up on the hill are free range horses that we can see every once awhile, today we saw a bald eagle flying above us and prairie dogs sunning themselves on the rocks. It’s really beautiful, even though it is so dry!!

We have yet to see the mountains, but apparently we will be able to about a mile from here.

Not sure if we will stay another day yet, looking for somewhere at the east entrance of Glacier National Park.  Dogs are doing really good!  Sami is back to her old self and Ozzie just loves exploring..instead of pulling burrs off his coat, we have been pulling cactus pieces!

Click on first picture to get slide show. 

Still Living the Dream….Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie!



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