Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Rocky Mountains


We made our way to St Mary’s, it’s right by the eastern entrance of Glacier National Park!  It’s beautiful.  Our campground is Johnsons of St Mary’s. We are way up on a hill with awesome views of the mountains and lakes. Setting up camp was a bit challenging to say the least, while the site looked nice and level, it wasn’t!  But we are as good as we are going to be able to get! Can see the smoke haze from the fires in Idaho, but can’t smell them at all, there also must be a horse stable near by, we can hear the horses, but can’t see them.  No TV for 3 nights, but I don’t think we will miss it at all!  We will post pictures soon.


Author: 4gslivingthedream

Full time RV'ers

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountains

  1. I posted a comment a little while ago but I don’t see it here.
    Also I thought you were taking hy 2 all the way. St marys is 45 mile north of 2 I hope you’re not going west from st marys thru the mountains it looks pretty rough with switchbacks.

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