Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie


Seal Rock, Oregon

We left Pacific City last on Tuesday and headed south on Hwy 101. We really didn’t have a destination in mind and decided to just wing it.  We stopped to stock up for groceries in Lincoln City, I shopped and Steve looked for a place to stay.  He found a campground in Lincoln City, just a few miles south called Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina on the Siletz River.  It was a big fishing campground and was packed.  We were only able to spend one night and left the next day.

Again, we had no agenda on where we would end up on Wednesday.  There was no lack of RV parks along Hwy 101 and were pretty confident that when we were ready to stop for the day, we would have no problem finding somewhere to stay.  The drive on the coast is breathtaking, lots of cliffs and views of the ocean.  Every mile or so there were areas to pull off the road and take in the scenery. 

As we were driving we saw a sign for Seal Rocks RV Cove and when we saw the entrance to the left and the view of the ocean to the right, we knew we had to check it out.  We got a spot right on the hill and had a great view of the ocean below.  On the brochure we were given from the campground, in the upper right hand corner in big bold letters “EMERGENY EVACUATION – TSUNAMI WARNING.  If the gorund moves or shakes, GET OFF THE BEACH, GO UP THE HILL, meet at the blue and whitel house above the park.  RUN – DON’T WALK!!!”  We saw signs all along the highway informing you if you were entering or leaving a Tsunami danger zones.  But I am getting off track, back to the the campground itself.  There was also a little trail that took you right down to the beach.  Low tide was around 3:45 and if you walk down on the beach you can see all the marine life in the tide pools that are left behind.  Starfish were everywhere!  There were also a lot of clam shells, oysters and things we couldn’t even begin to guess what they were.  But the best thing was the little rock formation off to the distance that the seals were on.  The rock is covered in high tide and I don’t know where they go when it is, but everyday as the tide goes down, they are back on that rock!  Our first day there was very foggy and was very cold on the beach, but we had sun on Thursday and the ocean was much calmer. 

We spend a lot of time walking on the beach and there were very few, if any people there.   Sami and Ozzie loved running around and had a great time.  We could have stayed there forever, but knew we had to keep heading south and left on Friday.  Need to get further south as the winds will pick up here soon.  Storm watching is a big thing here.  We have no rain in the forecast, but hopefully we will be able to see what all the hype is about before we get to California. 

We are now in Coos Bay, the drive here was really cool, but that is a whole other blog….we will be here until next weekend, so much to see and do.  The sand dunes, the warf and  the coast…we heard today that there are still whales in the area which is rare and sea lions too.  Keep tuned…more to come.

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Something different…not for the faint of heart!

Ok so I wanted to do a Packer blog since I went to Packer Practice at the end of July.  Patti never did a post, but after seeing rips on Kelly & Michel, NBC, CBS, ESPN and many others, I couldn’t wait any longer and needed an avenue to vent my frustrations. :0)  I tried to  vent to Ozzie, but he’s to busy sleeping.


Breaking News! Brett Favre wants to come back because interceptions are now touchdowns!

 I think I can speak for everyone who is a Packer fan that watched that game, that was one of the ugliest first halves of football that we have ever seen.  For whatever reason, the coach of the GB Packers, MM, does not want to even attempt to run the ball (far to few attempts in the first half).  In the Second half, the Packers actually tried to run the ball and it opened up other avenues for the offense.  Everyone knows what happend in the game, let’s put it behind us.  We have 13 more games to play.  We can blame the refs for the loss of the game, which Patti does and most of America does (believe me they do, we are in Oregon and they are all talking about it)  but we have to be a more focused team. 

This guy is a great dancer!! Catch the pass for the TD and we don’t even talk about the last play of the game.

#75 and #74 and the rest of the offensive line were a big part in the outcome of the game.

Even this guy needs to play better and not hold the ball to long.

This guy needs to get the officials back to work. Roger Goodell (the guy in the black shirt) Commisioner of the NFL.

Packer fans have good faith, the season is young.  Remember we went 15-1 last year and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  We’re 1-2, just get in the playoffs and be a road wild card team just like in 2010.  The season is to young to give up on.  GO PACK!

Gotta run, have a trade proposition from one of my fantasy leagues.  Have a major trade decision to make from Big Test Icicles!  (No Joke! ) He wants to trade Matt Ryan for Aaron Rodgers and Ranall Cobb!  May have to consult JB for that one.  LOL!!  Ha! Ha!

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More from Pacific City

We have really liked our stay here in Pacific City.  The people are so friendly and the sights are awesome, most of all the sunsets!  There is a couple here who run a charter fishing service, we met them our first night here.  Yesterday, when walking the dogs by their campsite, we stopped to say hello.  They asked, would you like some crab?  Are you kidding!  Fresh cleaned, cooked crab for free!  Load me up (Steve is not a huge seafood fan as many of you know so it was all mine!)  It was so good!

We took the dogs to the beach today and Steve an Ozzie actually climbed the sand dune.  Even let the dogs run around a bit and they had a lot of fun.

Fresh crab! YUM!

Steve took this picture from top of the sand dune. That is me and Sami down below. A lot of sand to climb!

Looking at the ocean from top of the sand dune

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Surfs Up!

Saturday we drove south on Hwy 101 to Pacific City Oregon.  Until a few years ago, this was a small fishing town with a great beach.  Buy according to locals, it since has bloomed into a big tourist area.  The 14th annual long board competition is going on this weekend and there are a ton of surfers and spectators here.  The park we are at is back to back with 2 other parks and we are all pretty much crammed in on top of each other, but on the plus side, we only have to walk across the street to be at the beach.  The sand is warm and the beach is really clean, the water is FREEZING COLD!!  The beach bunnies are really cute too!

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Tillamook Oregon

We left Puyallup and headed to Tacoma Thursday for our appt. at Camping World.  After we left there we headed south on Hwy 5 and stopped at Woodland WA on the Columbia River.  Stayed here for two nights, caught up on laundry and they even had the NFL Network so Steve could catch his Packer game on Thursday Night.

Beach on the Columbia RIver

Saturday we headed south on Hwy 26 to Portland OR and then headed west on Hwy 6 to a little town called Tillamook.

Portland Oregon and the Columbia River

Tillamook State Forest

Tillamook State Forest

This town is just a few short miles from the Ocean and is known for it’s Tillamook Cheese.  They apparently have the worlds best medium Cheddar.  We bought some today.  It’s good, but we are from Wisconsin, I think it’s hard to beat any Wisconsin cheese.  There are also blackberries everywhere.  We picked some from the grounds where we are staying and they are really good!  But I am getting ahead of myself here and need to go back to when we arrived here.  We had to pull over in a side lot to call and get directions and to let the dogs out after a long ride.  Now we have a lot of farms back in WI, but we never got such a welcome!  They practically came running to check us out.  

Tillamook Welcome Wagon

Last night the stars were out in full force.  It reminded me a lot of the stars we saw when we were at Lake Powell.  This morning there was a lot of fog but it burned off quickly, but not everywhere.  We  took the dogs and headed to the coast.  We had to stop quickly to gas up the jeep, which here is actually a pretty pleasant experience, minus the $4.11 a gallon price tag.  Every service station in Oregon is full service.  Apparently it’s a state law so we were told.  You can’t fill up your own tank anywhere, which is probably why the price is so high. 

There was still a lot of fog in certain areas and the first place we stopped, you couldn’t even see 10 ft into the ocean so we drove a few miles west to Oceanside.  We were able to park and take the dogs for a walk on the beach.  It was very pretty even though we couldn’t see the sun.  The temp dropped from 75 to 55, and we really couldn’t see to far, but the dogs loved it.  Sami christened the beach right away!  Thank goodness we brought doggie bags with us!

Fog from the ocean on the drive to Oceanside

Fog on the ocean

Houses on the hill across the road from the ocean



Fog starting to lift on our way back Tillamook.

We talked about staying here for a while today, there is so much to see and we would like to catch the ocean on a good day when we can see more.  We don’t have cell service where we are staying but wifi is good.

We’ll be in touch!


Puyallup and Seattle Washington

We left Easton WA on Sunday and drove to Federal Way WA.  Steve caught the Packer game and then we drove to Puyallup WA.  After that trip, we will never rely on our GPS again.  It had us going all over the place but we finally found our destination at an Elks Lodge in Puyallup.  It is a nice club, with a heated pool and maybe 25 or so sites.  Really reasonable and great camp hosts. 

The drive here was really beautiful though, we could almost reach out and touch the clouds!

The mountain we saw on our way here was actually Mt. Rainier.  If we walk from the Lodge to the road, which is just  few hundred feet, this is our view.  This is actually an active volcano, however it’s been dormant for a long time.  There are actually warning sirens on top of the Elks Club with signs that warn you to seek higher elevations if it goes off.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainer Volcano alarm on the Elks Lodge, sign below it states to go to higher ground if it goes off.

The second night we were here, there was a Quinceanera.  This is when a Hispanic girl turns 15.  It is a big celebration and we were able to see the parade.  The men were in front of the parade followed by the women.  I really couldn’t tell who was the birthday girl, but it was very cool.  We really enjoyed the Mariachi Band!!

We have found a lot of interesting things about this area.  First, the roads and traffic are unreal!  If you don’t know where you are going and aren’t in the right lane, you will end up on the freeway..happened to Patti twice!  There is not a lot of open land in the city.  It’s packed tight and not every place you want to visit is easily accessible.  The taxes are unreal!  Gas is really high!  Thank goodness our next destination – Oregon, is one of only 4 states that does not have a sales tax!  We’ll stock up good there!  But most of all, we have met some of the nicest people.  As I mentioned, our camp hosts are really nice and our neighbors Dale and Ed have been awesome.  Dale and I took a ride to catch some good pictures of Mt. Rainer tonight, she knew the right roads to to to get the pest pictures.  I’ll post them soon.  They have given us a lot of good helpful information and are just the nicest people. 

After taking a few days to just relax and enjoy, we decided to take a little road trip today.  Wanted to know where we were headed tomorrow as we have an appt at Camping World for an oil change.  After that, we thought we would check out Seattle.  Wow, we were impressed.  Steve said many times, “I could live here!”  The town is clean, beautiful and you can tell very filled with culture.  Everywhere you looked there was somewhere you would like to stop in and check out.  I imagine it’s a lot like San Franciso, with the way the streets are built on hills and all the housing is tiered. 

Ozzie found a new place to sleep behind Steve in the Jeep. Dug himself a nice little bed and sacked out.

Seattle. Such a beautiful and clean city!

Safeco Field home of the Mairiners

CentryLink Stadium – home of the Seahawks

Trolley DT Seattle

Some of the cool art in DT Seattle

Some of the cool art in DT Seattle

Cool Building

We stopped for a picnic lunch in Gas Works Park.  Took the dogs for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

More pics from Seattle.

Space Needle

We aren’t sure where we will land tomorrow, but hopefully will be able to make it to Oregon. 

Take care,

Still Living the Dream,

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie!


From Montana to Washington

Sorry it’s been a while since our last blog.  We have had a few nights of dry camping and have put a lot of miles on in the last few days. 

Monday we drove to the west side of Glacier National Park.  Found a little place in Coram.  The weather was nice and cool, but it would warm up in the afternoon.  Tuesday we drove into the park again to check it out from this side, that’s when the Jeep started acting up.  It was jerking and not wanting to go into gear correctly.  We turned right around but still had quite a ways to go before even getting to the entrance to the park and then another 5 miles until we would get to the campground.  Thank goodness we made it, but we didn’t think we would.  It was obvious we wouldn’t be able to drive it any longer so we decided to leave Wednesday.  We really liked the campground, it was called Sundance RV park and it had a fenced in dog run that was right by our site and the owners were really nice!  Their cat was super friendly too, it would walk right over and look in our door.  Come to find out we were lucky we left, they had a winter weather advisory the next day!!!

Friendly kitty at Sundance RV Park in Coram

Sami & Ozzie having fun in the dog run next to our site.

West Glacier National Park

West Glacier

Views from the West side of Glacier National Park

After that we drove to Idaho.  We stopped in a town called Ponderay. It was a nice town and pretty good in size. We knew we were going to just pass through as the issue with the Jeep needed to be dealt with and there were no dealerships in the area.  Since it was my Birthday, and since it was good enough for our Anniversary.  I picked Walmart as our resting spot for the night.  We are finding that some Walmart lots are nicer than campgrounds out this way.  We have drove past some real dozzies, let me tell you!  Idaho otherwise is very beautiful.  Not sure what we expected but we really enjoyed driving through.



Saw a lot of bicyclists fully geared and traveling across the country.


We crossed into Washington and through Spokane.  It was a drive through for us though, since we had a lot of drive time left in the day.  Looked like a nice city.

Downtown Spokane

Not to far after we had passed Spokane, it was mainly farm fields.  It was interesting, each field had big metal signs that stated what they were growing (peas, alfalfa or field corn) and also what kind of horses they had.  Not sure if that was a tourist thing, or if it was required?  About an hour or so in, we reached the desert.  I have to admit, I didn’t know WA had a desert!  It was windy and all the sudden we started to see what we thought was smoke, but it turned out that they were these little dust tornadoes.  You’d see at least 10 at any given time.

We were starting to think that this was going to be a really long boring ride and then we decided to stop off at Wild Horse Monument scenic over look, didn’t know what it was and then we saw it. It’s the Columbia River Gorge and it was breath taking to say the least.  The Wild Horse monument was up on the mountain to our left and the Gorge was to our right.  This is also very close to the Gorge Amphitheater which we have seen pictures of but obviously never been to.  It’s supposed to be one of the coolest places to catch a concert.  Google it and you’ll see why.

Hard to see but they were way up there. Horses are made of welded steel plates and were put there in 1989

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

Columbia River Gorge

 After we passed over the river, we drove through the Cascade Range Mountains.  Those were some long inclines going up, but once we got to the very top, the view was amazing.  Not 100% sure but I think that what we saw off on the horizon was Crystal Mountain in the Mt. Rainier Nat’l Forest.  I am sure we will pass it again along the way, it’s a ways off  in the distance yet. 

We found a Jeep dealer just by chance in Mosses Lake, right off the hwy.  They were able to get us in the next day!  It took only a half hour or so, and we were on our way.  We are now in Easton, we arrived yesterday.  It’s a bed and breakfast/RV park and horse ranch.  It’s cheap and ok.  A lot of people trailer in their horses and bring them here.  There are stalls for them right next to their site.  It also appears to be a popular place for ATV’ing and dirt bikes.  Heard there are some really nice trails in the area.  We are also only a few miles from Roslyn WA where the tv show Northern Exposure was filmed from 1990-1995, staring John Corbett and Janine Turner.  I loved that show!!!

Horses at our campground

Well, that just about covers what we have been up to.  Hope that you all doing well. 


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