Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Day one in Glacier National Park


We hadn’t planned on heading into the park until today, but yesterday we decided to get a few hours in.  We entered in the East Entrance and headed up Going to the Sun Road.  We didn’t make it the whole way, that takes 2.5 hours each way. But we did make it up to an elevation that made my ears pop.  The roads had gotten pretty steep and it was a long way down over the edge!!  We didn’t see any critters of any kind, but today we are going to head up 89 to Babb, about 8 miles and then enter in the Many Glacier entrance.  There is where you are supposed to see more animals.  Yesterday there wasn’t much of a breeze so the smoke was pretty thick and it made it hard to get clear pictures, even people with good camera equipment were complaining.  By the evening we had to close all the windows, we wake up feeling pretty congested from the lack of fresh air.  Today there is a good strong breeze though, hopefully it will better.

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Happy Birthday Zach!!!



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3 thoughts on “Day one in Glacier National Park

  1. Great pic’s especially the one with the windshield wiper. I thought I taught you how to take pictures better 🙂

  2. Zach said you saw a bear…did you???

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