Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

No Tigers, No Lions, but Bears..oh my!!!


We were supposed to leave today, but the winds were just to strong.  They are supposed to subside around 4am tomorrow morning, so we should be good to go.

Yesterday we drove north to Many Glacier entrance in the park, it’s only 8 miles but has more valleys and we were fortunate enough to see black bear and even a grizzly!  Today, we decided to head south in the Jeep to the town of East Glacier, we wanted to take 89 south and then 49 to East Glacier.  No one recommends taking that way with a motorhome, and we just had to figure out for ourselves why.  Well, we know why now, while not all of it is bad, there are areas that are so narrow and tight cornered with no shoulder and very steep drop offs.  So we will have to backtrack back to Browning  to hook up with Hwy 2 West.  It’s about 40 miles out of the  way, but better safe than sorry.  We saw more bear today, one on the road way and another up on a hill around one of the twisty roads, it was darn HUGE!!! Sami likes to bark at them, well…really, she likes to bark at anything really!

Black Bear in Many Glacier

Black Bear close to the side of the road, this is no zoo, there were no fences!

Big Grizzly…watched this guy for about an hour


Passed this place along the way, Sisters Cafe….cute place from the outside actually… didn’t go in so we can’t say for sure how many Aliens have ate here!


Bear cub in the road on Hwy 49 today.

On the way back from East Glacier, it’s Momma was in the road, but someone scared if off before we could get a picture


View from Many Glacier Road

View from Two Medicine Road




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2 thoughts on “No Tigers, No Lions, but Bears..oh my!!!

  1. NO WAY…those are all just postcards!!!!!!

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