Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Puyallup and Seattle Washington


We left Easton WA on Sunday and drove to Federal Way WA.  Steve caught the Packer game and then we drove to Puyallup WA.  After that trip, we will never rely on our GPS again.  It had us going all over the place but we finally found our destination at an Elks Lodge in Puyallup.  It is a nice club, with a heated pool and maybe 25 or so sites.  Really reasonable and great camp hosts. 

The drive here was really beautiful though, we could almost reach out and touch the clouds!

The mountain we saw on our way here was actually Mt. Rainier.  If we walk from the Lodge to the road, which is just  few hundred feet, this is our view.  This is actually an active volcano, however it’s been dormant for a long time.  There are actually warning sirens on top of the Elks Club with signs that warn you to seek higher elevations if it goes off.

Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainer Volcano alarm on the Elks Lodge, sign below it states to go to higher ground if it goes off.

The second night we were here, there was a Quinceanera.  This is when a Hispanic girl turns 15.  It is a big celebration and we were able to see the parade.  The men were in front of the parade followed by the women.  I really couldn’t tell who was the birthday girl, but it was very cool.  We really enjoyed the Mariachi Band!!

We have found a lot of interesting things about this area.  First, the roads and traffic are unreal!  If you don’t know where you are going and aren’t in the right lane, you will end up on the freeway..happened to Patti twice!  There is not a lot of open land in the city.  It’s packed tight and not every place you want to visit is easily accessible.  The taxes are unreal!  Gas is really high!  Thank goodness our next destination – Oregon, is one of only 4 states that does not have a sales tax!  We’ll stock up good there!  But most of all, we have met some of the nicest people.  As I mentioned, our camp hosts are really nice and our neighbors Dale and Ed have been awesome.  Dale and I took a ride to catch some good pictures of Mt. Rainer tonight, she knew the right roads to to to get the pest pictures.  I’ll post them soon.  They have given us a lot of good helpful information and are just the nicest people. 

After taking a few days to just relax and enjoy, we decided to take a little road trip today.  Wanted to know where we were headed tomorrow as we have an appt at Camping World for an oil change.  After that, we thought we would check out Seattle.  Wow, we were impressed.  Steve said many times, “I could live here!”  The town is clean, beautiful and you can tell very filled with culture.  Everywhere you looked there was somewhere you would like to stop in and check out.  I imagine it’s a lot like San Franciso, with the way the streets are built on hills and all the housing is tiered. 

Ozzie found a new place to sleep behind Steve in the Jeep. Dug himself a nice little bed and sacked out.

Seattle. Such a beautiful and clean city!

Safeco Field home of the Mairiners

CentryLink Stadium – home of the Seahawks

Trolley DT Seattle

Some of the cool art in DT Seattle

Some of the cool art in DT Seattle

Cool Building

We stopped for a picnic lunch in Gas Works Park.  Took the dogs for a walk and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

More pics from Seattle.

Space Needle

We aren’t sure where we will land tomorrow, but hopefully will be able to make it to Oregon. 

Take care,

Still Living the Dream,

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie!


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2 thoughts on “Puyallup and Seattle Washington

  1. We are glad you enjoyed Seattle…I love the views of Seattle from the Sound. It was delightful meeting you both.,
    Hope you you will take us up on a stop in Phoenix!

    • Great to hear from you Dale! We are loving Oregon. We are at another Elks park here. This one is actually a campground, full hookups and wifi. We will definately be in touch when we are in AZ! Safe travels to you and Ed.

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