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Tillamook Oregon

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We left Puyallup and headed to Tacoma Thursday for our appt. at Camping World.  After we left there we headed south on Hwy 5 and stopped at Woodland WA on the Columbia River.  Stayed here for two nights, caught up on laundry and they even had the NFL Network so Steve could catch his Packer game on Thursday Night.

Beach on the Columbia RIver

Saturday we headed south on Hwy 26 to Portland OR and then headed west on Hwy 6 to a little town called Tillamook.

Portland Oregon and the Columbia River

Tillamook State Forest

Tillamook State Forest

This town is just a few short miles from the Ocean and is known for it’s Tillamook Cheese.  They apparently have the worlds best medium Cheddar.  We bought some today.  It’s good, but we are from Wisconsin, I think it’s hard to beat any Wisconsin cheese.  There are also blackberries everywhere.  We picked some from the grounds where we are staying and they are really good!  But I am getting ahead of myself here and need to go back to when we arrived here.  We had to pull over in a side lot to call and get directions and to let the dogs out after a long ride.  Now we have a lot of farms back in WI, but we never got such a welcome!  They practically came running to check us out.  

Tillamook Welcome Wagon

Last night the stars were out in full force.  It reminded me a lot of the stars we saw when we were at Lake Powell.  This morning there was a lot of fog but it burned off quickly, but not everywhere.  We  took the dogs and headed to the coast.  We had to stop quickly to gas up the jeep, which here is actually a pretty pleasant experience, minus the $4.11 a gallon price tag.  Every service station in Oregon is full service.  Apparently it’s a state law so we were told.  You can’t fill up your own tank anywhere, which is probably why the price is so high. 

There was still a lot of fog in certain areas and the first place we stopped, you couldn’t even see 10 ft into the ocean so we drove a few miles west to Oceanside.  We were able to park and take the dogs for a walk on the beach.  It was very pretty even though we couldn’t see the sun.  The temp dropped from 75 to 55, and we really couldn’t see to far, but the dogs loved it.  Sami christened the beach right away!  Thank goodness we brought doggie bags with us!

Fog from the ocean on the drive to Oceanside

Fog on the ocean

Houses on the hill across the road from the ocean



Fog starting to lift on our way back Tillamook.

We talked about staying here for a while today, there is so much to see and we would like to catch the ocean on a good day when we can see more.  We don’t have cell service where we are staying but wifi is good.

We’ll be in touch!


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  1. Great blogging….check out Aquariam in NewPort OR

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