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More from Pacific City

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We have really liked our stay here in Pacific City.  The people are so friendly and the sights are awesome, most of all the sunsets!  There is a couple here who run a charter fishing service, we met them our first night here.  Yesterday, when walking the dogs by their campsite, we stopped to say hello.  They asked, would you like some crab?  Are you kidding!  Fresh cleaned, cooked crab for free!  Load me up (Steve is not a huge seafood fan as many of you know so it was all mine!)  It was so good!

We took the dogs to the beach today and Steve an Ozzie actually climbed the sand dune.  Even let the dogs run around a bit and they had a lot of fun.

Fresh crab! YUM!

Steve took this picture from top of the sand dune. That is me and Sami down below. A lot of sand to climb!

Looking at the ocean from top of the sand dune


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One thought on “More from Pacific City

  1. In one word….WOW!….when and if I should leave FDL it would be here. Love you all, MOMjackson

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