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Something different…not for the faint of heart!


Ok so I wanted to do a Packer blog since I went to Packer Practice at the end of July.  Patti never did a post, but after seeing rips on Kelly & Michel, NBC, CBS, ESPN and many others, I couldn’t wait any longer and needed an avenue to vent my frustrations. :0)  I tried to  vent to Ozzie, but he’s to busy sleeping.


Breaking News! Brett Favre wants to come back because interceptions are now touchdowns!

 I think I can speak for everyone who is a Packer fan that watched that game, that was one of the ugliest first halves of football that we have ever seen.  For whatever reason, the coach of the GB Packers, MM, does not want to even attempt to run the ball (far to few attempts in the first half).  In the Second half, the Packers actually tried to run the ball and it opened up other avenues for the offense.  Everyone knows what happend in the game, let’s put it behind us.  We have 13 more games to play.  We can blame the refs for the loss of the game, which Patti does and most of America does (believe me they do, we are in Oregon and they are all talking about it)  but we have to be a more focused team. 

This guy is a great dancer!! Catch the pass for the TD and we don’t even talk about the last play of the game.

#75 and #74 and the rest of the offensive line were a big part in the outcome of the game.

Even this guy needs to play better and not hold the ball to long.

This guy needs to get the officials back to work. Roger Goodell (the guy in the black shirt) Commisioner of the NFL.

Packer fans have good faith, the season is young.  Remember we went 15-1 last year and lost in the first round of the playoffs.  We’re 1-2, just get in the playoffs and be a road wild card team just like in 2010.  The season is to young to give up on.  GO PACK!

Gotta run, have a trade proposition from one of my fantasy leagues.  Have a major trade decision to make from Big Test Icicles!  (No Joke! ) He wants to trade Matt Ryan for Aaron Rodgers and Ranall Cobb!  May have to consult JB for that one.  LOL!!  Ha! Ha!


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2 thoughts on “Something different…not for the faint of heart!

  1. Patti can you get rid of the blue background on your blogs it would make it much easier to read. I agree with Steves comments on the packers we need a run game.

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