Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Seal Rock, Oregon


We left Pacific City last on Tuesday and headed south on Hwy 101. We really didn’t have a destination in mind and decided to just wing it.  We stopped to stock up for groceries in Lincoln City, I shopped and Steve looked for a place to stay.  He found a campground in Lincoln City, just a few miles south called Coyote Rock RV Resort & Marina on the Siletz River.  It was a big fishing campground and was packed.  We were only able to spend one night and left the next day.

Again, we had no agenda on where we would end up on Wednesday.  There was no lack of RV parks along Hwy 101 and were pretty confident that when we were ready to stop for the day, we would have no problem finding somewhere to stay.  The drive on the coast is breathtaking, lots of cliffs and views of the ocean.  Every mile or so there were areas to pull off the road and take in the scenery. 

As we were driving we saw a sign for Seal Rocks RV Cove and when we saw the entrance to the left and the view of the ocean to the right, we knew we had to check it out.  We got a spot right on the hill and had a great view of the ocean below.  On the brochure we were given from the campground, in the upper right hand corner in big bold letters “EMERGENY EVACUATION – TSUNAMI WARNING.  If the gorund moves or shakes, GET OFF THE BEACH, GO UP THE HILL, meet at the blue and whitel house above the park.  RUN – DON’T WALK!!!”  We saw signs all along the highway informing you if you were entering or leaving a Tsunami danger zones.  But I am getting off track, back to the the campground itself.  There was also a little trail that took you right down to the beach.  Low tide was around 3:45 and if you walk down on the beach you can see all the marine life in the tide pools that are left behind.  Starfish were everywhere!  There were also a lot of clam shells, oysters and things we couldn’t even begin to guess what they were.  But the best thing was the little rock formation off to the distance that the seals were on.  The rock is covered in high tide and I don’t know where they go when it is, but everyday as the tide goes down, they are back on that rock!  Our first day there was very foggy and was very cold on the beach, but we had sun on Thursday and the ocean was much calmer. 

We spend a lot of time walking on the beach and there were very few, if any people there.   Sami and Ozzie loved running around and had a great time.  We could have stayed there forever, but knew we had to keep heading south and left on Friday.  Need to get further south as the winds will pick up here soon.  Storm watching is a big thing here.  We have no rain in the forecast, but hopefully we will be able to see what all the hype is about before we get to California. 

We are now in Coos Bay, the drive here was really cool, but that is a whole other blog….we will be here until next weekend, so much to see and do.  The sand dunes, the warf and  the coast…we heard today that there are still whales in the area which is rare and sea lions too.  Keep tuned…more to come.

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6 thoughts on “Seal Rock, Oregon

  1. Dad…that is my secret code name. Now everyone knows 🙂

  2. I didn’t know LLR was Laura till now. Why don’t you post new pic’s and info more often? It’s why we follow you so close on this blog so we can keep up with the Gullivers travels and make believe we are doing the same.
    Love Dad

    • We would post more often but we are slowing down now so there isn’t that much new day to day.. Today was a good day though! I am ready to get to warmer weather. Even 50’s seem cold to me now!! Ha Ha! Pictures can also take a lot of our data plan up too so if we are getting close we have to wait until we get somewhere with good and free wifi. Will try to post more often and am still working on a new background so it’s easier to read. Hopefully you will see a change in the next day or so.

  3. Really nice pictures….can you make them bigger to look at (didn’t know if there was an option for that).

  4. Cool pic’s. keep them coming. Go packers even after a mediocre game.

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