Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Coos Bay, OR


We arrived in Coos Bay after a beautiful drive down Hwy 101 from Seal Cove.  The views were spectacular and the ride a little tense at times for me on the way here.  I could look out the my window and look down 100’s of feet where the ocean met the rocks below.  There was no shoulder on the road, just a guard rail, sometimes, separating us from a very long drop.  The roads were windy and when we didn’t see the views of the ocean, we saw the sun streaming down between the big tall trees.  We stopped near the Sea Lions Cave for lunch along the cove and took in the views.

View from Hwy 101 – cool house

View from where we stopped for lunch, near the Sea Loin Caves attraction.

Mills Casino RV Park is really nice, it is right on Coos Bay, which until today we mainly just saw fishing boats on.  Today, however there was a big ship that came in that was escorted by two small tug boats.  It turns out that they come in this far and the tug boats basically just turn it around so that they can dock at the lumber yard up the way to fill their load.  We saw a lot of ships in the UP, but this was really up close.  There are also a lot of Pelicans flying around the area.  Unfortunately, that isn’t the only thing that went flying, Ozzie in one of his terror runs managed to knock my iPad right off the kitchen table and cracked the glass, it still works but repairs are likely to be very pricy.  Working with our insurance company to see if it is covered under our policy, fingers crossed!!!

Otherwise, the weather here has been nice.  In the morning it is calm, and around noon the winds really pick up and cool it off, then around 6pm, they die down again.  The casino is nice, I dropped $10 and called it a day, we have access to the indoor pool and outdoor hot tubs, but we haven’t checked those out yet. 

Today we took a drive out on Hwy 540 all the way to Cape Arago Park.  It’s not that far and there were many places to stop on the way for sight-seeing.  We saw sea lions – boy are they loud!!!  We almost saw whales, we saw the spray from the blow holes as they almost surfaced and even saw their backs, but they never surfaced high enough for pictures.  They usually aren’t here this time of year so these guys must have decided to stay here rather than going north with the rest of the other whales.  Other than being very cold by the coast, 54 and windy, we could have stayed there forever and just watched the views. 

People here come and go, everyday we have had new neighbors but everyone is so nice.  Today we have Santa next door, literally, he looks like Santa and his license place reads SANTAS, and his wife looks like, well…Mrs. Claus!  Maybe I can ask Santa for a new iPad! Ha! Ha!


Almost a great picture!

Ship that the tug boats turned around in our bay

Sami having fun in the dog run at the RV Park

Sea Lions below the rock

Lots of Sea Lions – boy are they loud!!!

Sea Lions

Steve, Ozzie and Sami at Cape Arago Lookout

We saw the whales off to the right of this picture

This is living!

We will be here through the weekend.  More to see and more to do….


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3 thoughts on “Coos Bay, OR

  1. I like the new format better, much easier to read without the blue background. Nice pic’s

  2. Fantastic pics. what a life. A fairy tale in the making. Can I come aboard?

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