Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Still hanging out in Coos Bay


We originally thought we would only be here for a week, but as last Saturday rolled around, we decided to stay for one more week.  The weather has been nice, no rain and the nights are cool.  The fog rolls in on the bay here sometimes  in the afternoon, it’s almost kind of creepy how low and thick it is.  It can be sunny and beautiful one minute and the next, this is what we see rolling in.

We did take another trip up to Arago Bay Park.  We packed a picnic lunch and sat and watched the sea lions, who were still loud as ever and again we saw the whales off in the distance.  The sea was calm, but it was cloudy out so our pictures didn’t turn out very well. 

It’s really hard to tell but the big black blob in the picture is a whale.

The dogs love going in the car and checking out the sites with us.  They are getting better at being good passengers but still like to be goofy.

We also drove around and checked out the sand dunes.  We didn’t go into any of the actual parks, we are going to do that yet this week.  We’ll buy a day pass and then we can check out all the parks.  A lot of dune buggys around.  It looks like a blast!

Today we checked out the pool and outdoor hot tubs at the hotel.  It wasn’t the Grand in Mexico, but it was very nice and the hot tubs were nice and hot!  The only thing missing were the coco locos and margaritas!!! 

Steve wanted me to post a picture of our Friday favorite thing to make.  Been making this quite a bit, almost have it perfected.  It’s our tortilla pizza we make in our convection oven microwave.  It’s soooo good!

We are figuring out now where we are headed from here.  We may continue down the coast in Oregon, drive into California and check out the red woods, or head inland a bit to get to some warmer weather.  Hopefully gas prices in California will come down a bit before we do get there.  Over $5 a gallon!!

Well that’s about all that is happening with us, hope you are all doing well.




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2 thoughts on “Still hanging out in Coos Bay

  1. Where are the MUSHROOMS on the pizza? And black olives, and onions????

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