Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Hello California


We left Brookings Oregon and drove to California.  It was nice to have a change of scenery and see all the Redwoods.  We had hoped to camp in the same place where Patti’s family did back in 1976, however we exceeded the length limit to get into the park.  Plus we knew that there was some nasty weather coming and even winter weather advisories for the higher elevations, so we kept on going.

This was our first California Beach we saw.

This was outside of the Trees of Mystery attraction in the Redwoods.  You can take a ride in these  skyrails that take you way up high through the redwoods.   Up as high as 742 ft.  No thank you, but thought this was worth pulling in to take this picture.

We drove into Eureka, it was a pretty decent sized town and again, lots of backpackers and sadly homeless people.  We stayed 2 nights at a campground by their fairgrounds.  It was cheap and had a lot of people who lived there full time in their trailers.  People were nice but it was apparent that our neighbors were running a business out of their trailer, and it wasn’t the legal kind either.

Starting to see more palm trees!

After we left Eureka, we drove just a short way to Loleta.  Dry camped for 2 nights at a casino, it was on top of a big hill and we had ocean views to the west and to the south, we could see the california valley below.  It was nice and relaxing but 2 days of that was enough.  The weather was going to be cool for the next 3 days and rain, so we headed south again.

Our neighbors at the casino.

Fog in the valley below.

We left the casino and drove to Ukiah, CA.  The day started out good, but we drove into a lot of rain and it was cold.  We only planned to stay one night, but the weather didn’t get any better.  So we are going on our 4th night here.  Finally today the sun is out and it should hit 70!  We haven’t had the windows open in days, so it’s nice to get some fresh air.  We are just getting into wine country and you can see the vineyards from the highway.  There are a lot of places to do some wine tasting around here.  We will do that while we are here or when we get into Santa Rosa.

Bad weather up ahead on our way to Ukiah.

vineyards everywhere!

Well thats about it with us.  Next stop Santa Rosa.


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3 thoughts on “Hello California

  1. come on now, more stuff on your journey. We sit here in boredom watching your great experience and look for more pictures and info. More, more ,more.

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