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Santa Rosa, CA and wine tasting!!

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We pulled into Santa Rosa on Friday.  Santa Rosa sits at the North Western gateway to the Sonoma and Napa valleys of California famed wine country.  We are about an hour north of San Francisco.  In 1906, they had a large earthquake here that destroyed a lot of their commercial buildings.  There have been a few small earthquakes south of here in the last week, nothing in this area or that we have felt anyways.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful, in the 80’s in the afternoon and cooling down overnight to the 50’s!  We are staying in an RV Park that is attached to the Sonoma Fairgrounds.  This weekend they have some big gem faire going on.  We drove around a bit to check out the area.  Very nice town, you can’t help but notice all the snoopy characters that are all over.  Charles Shulz moved here in 1969 and stayed until he passed away in 2000. They have a museum and research center here in town as well dedicated to him.

Today we checked off one thing on our bucket list – visit a vineyard and do some wine tasting.  Now we like our wine just as much as the next person, but we are just as much a fan of the less expensive kind and typically won’t spend more than $10 on a bottle of wine for a special occasion.  We are by no means experts or connoisseurs and to tell you the truth, we were a little nervous that we would appear totally stupid and not know a thing about what we were doing, but Patti had seen the movie Sideways a few years ago, and remembered to to swirl the glass and look for the legs,  to smell the wine and lastly to taste..not gulp. Ha! Ha!   Still it was a little intimidating, but a lot of fun!!!

We visited the Martin Ray Winery.  There were so many wineries to choose from, but this one was free and since it was our first time, we thought it was the best route to go. We tried about 6 different wines, mostly red and a few whites.  One of the Cabs was $75 a bottle, we thought the $20 bottle tasted just as good.  We wanted to take pictures from inside the tasting room, but it felt a little to touristy to do that.  The grounds outside were beautiful.

Behind Steve is the wine tasting room.  Very nice with people who knew their stuff.  Oh yeah! Go Pack!

Ahh, look at those grapes.  Still can’t believe that they are all hand picked to make the wine…

Olive trees lined the road to the vinyard.

A lot of barrels stacked inside the building…aging.

Well after all that free wine tasting, we couldn’t go home empty handed.  Didn’t spend $75 a bottle by any means, but brought home a Cab and Gewurztraminer Patti liked.

Nice stretch of weather ahead, may stay here for awhile or move south, haven’t deciede yet.  We’ll figure it out over a nice glass of wine!


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