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Ventura and camping on the beach of the Pacific Ocean

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Ah, what a relaxing day of soaking in the sun shine and the mineral hot springs in Desert Hot Springs….but wait…getting ahead of ourselves.  This past week has been amazing and very different in every way – every day.  So lets back up to last Tuesday and Wednesday, when we decided to do the camping on the beach in Ventura.  

Before picking out our spot, we did a little exploring around the area.  Ventura was much bigger than we thought, the downtown area was very busy but everywhere you look, there was something that just stood out and you knew you had to take a photo.  This was one of them, The Old Mission San Buenaventura.  Built in 1782.  Interesting history, to read more – www.sanbuenaventuramissionresting 

They started to hang Christmas lights already.  Not a job either of us would want, it was way up there.

Also drove around the beach area quite a bit.  There were people fishing, although we didn’t see anyone catch anything but an itty bitty fish.  Also, the homes are amazing.  There was one for sale behind a gated area with a Sotheby’s sign.  We tried to find the house, but a lot of the listings on-line do not have an address.  In that price range, it’s understandable.  but what we found in the area ran 1.7 – 4.2 million.  Probably not a lot for California standards, but still…

So back to our beach front camping.  This was something that we were really glad we did, it was so peaceful, and loved the sound of the waves crashing on the  beach.  The highway was behind us up on the hill and Amtrak did go by every few hours about a few hundred feet, but it didn’t bother us, how could it with these views.

When we decided to stay an addition night, Patti walked down the road that follows the beach to let the ranger know.  On her way back, she walked along a sea lion swimming south all the way back to our motor home.  She was really close, but didn’t have a camera.  We saw them many times after that, but they come up and go back down in the water so quickly, we never got a good picture.  The otters were much more accommodating.

Pelicans everywhere!

Some of the best sunsets!

Patti got creative.  She said she was getting her Zen on!  Just rocks in front of a sunset to me! ha! ha!

Okay, so it’s not the best picture, but we had to take it ourselves.  We realized that there aren’t to many pictures of us together along the way, so thought we should take one and post it. 

And the best picture for last. DOLPHINS!   These guys are hard to catch on camera!  They came by a couple of times and were awesome to watch. 

Next post is coming very soon.  Patti is working on our trip to LA.  Including Hollywood Blvd, Beverly Hills, Malibu and yes…even Rodeo drive.  Stay tuned!


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One thought on “Ventura and camping on the beach of the Pacific Ocean

  1. You are doing things right….glad you are taking your time…may not get back to the same time and pictures!!

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