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Still hanging out in the Desert

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We spent two weeks at Sky Valley Resort.  The weather was always warm and sunny and we enjoyed every minute of the great pools and hot tubs.  But it was time to move on and check out other places.  We would really like to stay in the general area, but knowing that the snow birds are coming in just a few weeks, we had to really look at where we could spend the winter months that aren’t booked up.  We hope to visit Sky Valley Resort again soon. The Black Swans were always hanging around.

After DHS 041

Some of the nice landscaping around the resort

After DHS 010

We experienced some of the winds that come up without warning in the desert.  Instead of snow blowing across the road like in Wisconsin, there were signs warning of blowing sand…and yes, there were sand drifts on the road.

After DHS 047

Sun setting on the mountains.

After DHS 026

After DHS 049

So we moved on and East.  Stayed one night at a casino not to far down the road.  Nice place, but tight slots!!  Figured since it was free, we’d at least drop $10 at the slots.  It’s cheaper than staying at a Walmart where we always end up spending way more than that!  We drove to a place in Oasis, CA…well try to find that on the GPS, it doesn’t seem to exist.  We found out it is actually in Thermal, CA…but if you read the brochure from the campground…it’s refered to as Themal….hmm, something tells me that there is a reason this places is so empty… no one can really tell where the heck it is unless you call them.  Seriously, there are probably 13 motorhomes/campers here and only 6 of those are occupied.  It is right across from the Salton Sea, we can see it from our kitchen window.  The Salton Sea is shallow, saline lake right on the San Andreas Fault.  So far we haven’t felt any earthquakes but there has been quite a few since we have been in CA.  Just to small to feel.  There is an odd smell that comes and goes a few times a day.  There seems to be some debate on whether is is coming from a a company called Bio Mass (a compost place in the area) or from the Sea itself releasing gases and the fish die off from the bottom.  It doesn’t last long, and really hard to explain, but it is pretty smelly.  Other than that, the place is quite, small and has a ton of fruit.  I have been picking tangelos, lemons and this fruit called Dalandan, it looks like a lime but taste like an orange.  There are grapefruit trees everywhere however they aren’t in season until January.  It’s also nice to have grass for the dogs again, but with grass in the desert, you have sprinkler systems…they go off way to often so the grass is always wet and we and the dogs tend to drag in a lot of dirt and stuff…wiping off the feet and the dogs feet is a must.  Really don’t see why they have to go off as often as they do..and they are on for only 5 minutes.  Would think one longer soaking would make more sense, at least that way, we wouldn’t have to move our chairs and mats outside so often during the day.

After DHS 057

After DHS 056

Sprinkler system.  Patti got nailed by this on our first day here…not a happy camper!

After DHS 079

Dogs are having a ball!  Ozzie is always on top of the couch checking out the other people and dogs.

After DHS 070

Sami is always by Steve’s side…can you say Daddy’s girl???

After DHS 071

After DHS 052

Resident here at the park.

After DHS 063

After DHS 066

We are here through the weekend…working on figuring out where to go next.

After DHS 073

Hope Saint Nick is good to you all!


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One thought on “Still hanging out in the Desert

  1. Great pic’s as always. Steve is an excellent writer, are you keeping a daily log of your travels. If not you should so that years down the line you can look back and relive the adventures. What a trip!!

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