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Merry Christmas!

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We left the Salton Sea last week and the last of the warm weather.  It has been unseasonably cold in Southern California.  Our destination is San Diego, however we have been hanging around Temecula at the Pachango Casino RV Resort. 

Temecula 026

We haven’t done a whole lot while we have been here, other than the casino, there isn’t much around here.  The Casino itself is huge!  It’s California’s largest casino.  When you walk through the doors, you would sware you were in any of the nicest casinos in Vegas.  The complex includes a hotel, rv park, golf course, gas station and even its own fire dept. 

Temecula 009

Temecula 056

Temecula 049

The entire casino is decked out for Christmas.

Temecula 051

Temecula 052

Temecula 054

Art outside the casino depicting the history of the Pachanga band of the Luiseno Indians.

Temecula 053

On the day of the big snow storm in WI, it was cold here too.  We woke up to frost.  You can see it on the top of the car.  The days have been around the mid to upper 60’s and we have had a few rain storms.  But otherwise pleasant.  Once the sun sets behind the mountains, it gets chilly fast. 

Temecula 064

 There are hummingbirds everywhere out here and frequently are feeding on the tree right outside our door.

Temecula 033

Temecula 066

Temecula 073

Snow on the mountians

Temecula 037

Today is Christmas Eve and we truley miss all our friends and family and want you to know we are with you in spirit!  Ozzie and Sami are getting nestled in waiting to see what Santa Paws brings them tonight!

Temecula 081

Temecula 008

We are staying here for Christmas and then will move on to San Diego to ring in the New Year.   If we don’t post before then…HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Steve, Patti, Sami & Ozzie!


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One thought on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Well…I won’t look for you for awhile!!! The tree the hummers are feeding on is a Bottle Brush…looks like it too!
    Merry Christmas and a healthy 2013! Enjoy your trip!!!

    Dale and Ed

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