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USS Midway Museum


We left Temecula on New Years Eve.  We were so ready to find some warmer weather so we headed down to San Diego.  The whole area is just amazing, it all looks so new!  We have lots to share from the time we were there, however first wanted to share some photos and info from our tour of the USS Midway Museum.  The ship was decommissioned in 1992 and opened as a museum in 2004 with over 5 million visitors each year.

The USS Midway pilots shot down the first and last MiG of the Vietnam War and was the Flagship of the Persian Gulf air operations in Operation Desert Storm.

San Diego 104

San Diego 105

The ship was built in 1945 and cost $90 million to build.  212,000 horsepower and 69,000 tons in total weight.  The crew was 4500 in numbers including 600 men in engineering, 225 cooks, 200 pilots, 40 corpsmen, 5 physicians and 3 dentists.  Below is a monument outside the ship in honor of  Bob Hope.

San Diego 114

San Diego 116
San Diego 115

There were veterans all over the ship talking about their experiences, it was pretty cool.

San Diego 121

San Diego 122

View from the flight deck.

San Diego 123

San Diego 124

San Diego 129

San Diego 131

San Diego 133

This area was where the officers quarters were.  We missed the sailors bunks which were in the hanger deck.

San Diego 134

San Diego 135

San Diego 136

Small kitchens on this level for the officers, separate from the crews mess deck.  The mannequins took a little getting used to…

San Diego 137

San Diego 138

You can’t be much taller than 6ft to move through these halls.

San Diego 140

San Diego 141

San Diego 142

San Diego 147

San Diego 149

Mess deck.

San Diego 150

San Diego 151

Fun facts:  10 tons of food served daily, 13,500 meals served daily, 3,000 potatoes daily, 1,000 loaves of bread served daily, 4,500 lbs of beef when served and 500 pies when served.

San Diego 154

Above is a picture of the bomb elevator, the glass made it difficult to get a picture down the 3 levels.

San Diego 155

Mess deck above.  Medical and dental below.

San Diego 156

San Diego 157

San Diego 148

It was a really a neat experience and if anyone finds themselves in San Diego, it’s a must do.

Now for the rest of San Diego….that’s another blog in itself!!!  Working on that and should be posted soon!



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2 thoughts on “USS Midway Museum

  1. Cool Pic’s. I have watched a lot of film on the Midway during the 2nd world war on the Military channel and on dvd’s that I purchased in the past. Wish I could have been there with you.

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