Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

San Diego, CA


San Diego!  What a beautiful city.  We only wish we had more time to explore, but I am pretty sure we will be back.  The drive from Temecula to San Diego was scenic with lots of hills and rocks.  Not sure if I would want to live in this house though, especially if there was an earthquake!  You can’t tell from the picture but that was a very large hill that the house sat upon.

San Diego 011

We arrived at Santa Fe RV park.  Not a bad place, had a nice pool and hot tub and the weather was nice enough to be able to use it.  Much warmer than in Temecula.

San Diego 092

We were really close to Mission Bay and took a drive there to check out the other RV park that was there.  Decided to stay were we were, the other one had nice views of the bay, however it was nothing more than a glorified parking lot.  Literally it was one large area of concrete.  The bay was nice though and there were a lot of people out having picnics, walking and kayaking.

San Diego 030

San Diego 027

San Diego 031

After checking out Mission Bay, we drove up into the hills to get a better view.  Some very cool homes, but this one was unbelievable.

San Diego 048

Great views in either direction.

San Diego 053

San Diego 050

We never found the traffic to be bad at all in San Diego.  The stop lights seemed to last forever, but the flow of traffic was really good.  You just had to know where you were going and be sure to be in the correct lane in time and you were good to go.  We found down town to be one of the best features of  San Diego.  It is so clean and everything looks so new.

San Diego 072

San Diego 076

San Diego 079

San Diego 080

San Diego 081

San Diego 086

Entrance to the San Diego Naval Base.  We were hoping to get some pictures of some ships, but civilians aren’t allowed on base.  Kind of figured that was the case, but we tried.

San Diego 027

San Diego 026

Also drove by Qualcomm Stadium – home of the San Diego Chargers and Petco Park – home of the San Diego Padres.

San Diego 013

San Diego 071

We also went back to the Embarcadero, the downtown waterfront area where the USS Midway was, to check out some of the other sights. Here is where the cruise ship terminals are as well as another museum – the Star of India.  Built in 1863, it is a historic tall-masted iron ship that is still sea worthy and makes a journey out to sea by volunteers each November.

San Diego 090

Below is the Luna Hamilton, it is a private luxury yacht owned by Roman Abramovich, the Russian/UK billionaire businessman.  It’s 115 meters long and was the largest explorer luxury yacht in the world, now 19th.  It has 2 helicopter pads, water toy garage, covered swimming pool, bullet proof windows and each bedroom has its own cinema sized TV.  Can you imagine the price tag on this baby?  In 201o, Madonna holidayed on this yacht.

San Diego 093

San Diego 088

If you got tired of walking, you could always hitch a ride on one of these.

San Diego 099

We took the Coronado bridge which is 11,288 long and very high.  We checked out the Hotel Del Coronado area and headed south on the Silver Strand.  Stopped by a little place very close to the Mexico border and walked by the ocean.  It would be the last time we saw the ocean for a while, very sad.

San Diego 037

San Diego 036

San Diego 052

Cool art! Loved this bench!

San Diego 056

San Diego 059

San Diego 062

We left San Diego on January 5th and made our way back to Desert Hot Springs and back to one of our favorite places, Sky Valley Resort.  We are spending the winter here and planning on staying through April.  We liked this place so much, I applied here the last time we stayed, around Thanksgiving.  I was offered part-time work in their mail room and front desk.  It is the nicest place to work and I love it already, it’s a family run resort and everyone is just wonderful.  I don’t actually get paid, but hours I work are considered credit to our monthly rent and electric.  It will come out close to even to cover our stay here.  It will be good to be stationary for a while, although the weather here has not been very warm.  We have been below freezing the last few nights but the weather should change here over the next few days and warm up again.  We are also very excited that my Aunt and Uncle, Bob and Gretchen are here just a few miles down the road from us.  Looking forward to spending some time with them.  We will still be posting as there is still so much to see and do around here, so please stay tuned.

Wishing you all a happy and wonderful 2013!

Steve, Patti, Ozzie and Sami


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3 thoughts on “San Diego, CA

  1. There is always a way to find out ‘stuff’, you should be doing a tour book..you have told me more and more pictures than I ever knew about San Diego..and I have been there a couple times.

  2. How did you know all that info about that luxury yacht? Did they have a sign there or was it for sale?? Just curious…thinking of buying it, but it might not be big enough!!!

    • I took a picture of the name of the boat and looked it up on-line. Could tell it was a private yacht and just had to be nosey and find out who owned it. Wish there were pictures of the inside, but I didn’t find anything.

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