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Time is just flying by!

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I had said to Steve the other day that I couldn’t believe how fast time has gone.  We are here for 4 months and in 6 weeks will be moving on to our next destination, where ever that may be.  And then I realized that it wasn’t 10 am, it was actually 11 am, darn Daylight Savings Time!!  Not a good start to the day!

We have been trying to get some things crossed off our bucket list of things we want to do before we leave and a few weekends ago headed over to Indio to catch some Polo.  It was pretty interesting and was a nice change of scenery with all the nice grass and lush trees.

DHS3 057

DHS3 022

It was interesting to watch, only wish we understood the game better.  At one point one of the players and his horse fell down, it was scary to think of that huge horse landing on top of the player like he did, but both bounced right back up and the horse went running off somewhere…only to return a few minutes later ready to jump back in the game.

DHS3 047

DHS3 045

DHS3 043

DHS3 029

Also got the best picture we could of Bob Hope’s house.  It’s for sale….if you have an extra 50 million laying around somewhere.  It was late in the day and a little overcast so the pictures are a little dark.  Here is a link with more pictures, it’s really a unique home.


DHS3 077

DHS3 080

We have also been trying to get some good walks in the desert around the park, we can walk around the entire perimeter of the park and am guessing it’s a 3.5 to 4 mile walk.  But it’s been so darn windy out the last few weeks, we were only able to get out a few times.  Some of the residents here with lots that back up to the desert have expanded out a bit past the fence line.  They have desert gardens, fire pit sitting areas…and some really strange rock formations.  Not sure if there is a purpose behind these or they were just getting their zen on?

DHS3 006

DHS3 007

DHS3 011

Pretty soon it will warm up more and we will have to watch out for Rattlesnakes.  We did see a bunch of egg shells that had hatched.  They were about the size of a chicken egg, only slightly larger, not sure but guessing they were snake eggs of some kind.  We have seen tons of prairie dogs, quail, roadrunners and jack rabbits, they are all so darn quick it’s hard to get a picture.

DHS3 010

DHS3 008

DHS3 005

Quail are quick little buggers!

DHS3 013

We’ve mentioned before about the hummingbirds and how they were everywhere.  But this is a sight you rarely see back home…baby hummingbirds!

DHS3 001

Speaking of babies, the baby Black Swan is growing very quickly.

DHS3 068

DHS3 069

Couple other cool pictures we took were those of the full moon rising over the mountains and of Big Bear after a winter storm that dumped a bunch of snow at pretty low elevations on Thursday night, but we just got rain here.

DHS3 065

DHS3 084

The weather, other than the wind, has been nice.  It’s been cooler out the last few days but that is all about to change very quickly.  By Thursday, they are predicting a temp of 92!  It’s been a long time since we have seen that warm of weather, but for here it’s nothing as summer usually can reach temps as high as 115!

It’s been almost 10 months since we have been on the road now.  It doesn’t seem like that long at all.  We often wondered if we would miss the old house and all the stuff, but we really don’t.   So far, this has been a great adventure and we are having a blast!


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