Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Getting ready to move from our desert paradise!


It is so hard to believe that we are packing up and getting ready to move on after 4 months at Sky Valley Resort.  This was definitely a great way to spend our winter.  We didn’t miss the snow much at all, but we will see that again very soon….but we’ll get into that a bit later.  We will miss this place and the people we work with, it has been a positive experience and we are welcome back for next season.

Entrance to the resort.  Patti works in the building the farthest to the left.

Entrance to the resort. Patti works in the building the farthest to the left.

Never tire of the sunsets.

Never tire of the sunsets.

Since our last blog, we experienced our first earthquake!!  Very exciting, but was short and only a 4.7 – no damage.  The motor home rocked back and forth and the dogs took a good hour to get over it and come out of hiding.

The winds have been pretty fierce.  Wind gusts have been clocked at 85 mph with sustained winds around 30-40 mph. Those winds just pick up the sand and drive it into every nook and cranny.  It’s become almost an hourly chore to dust off the counters and table tops.  Today is the first day we have had calm winds for a while.

DHS4 013

DHS4 018

DHS4 020

The desert wild life is starting to come out as well.  We have seen Animal Control in the park on a few occasions for rattlesnakes and bobcats – haven’t seen any though, thank goodness.  They are now posting warnings for cougars, coyotes and scorpions.  Thought we saw a scorpion the other night, but it turned out to be  a camel spider.  They are big and really gross.  Just part of living in the desert I guess.  Steve caught this picture of a road runner just down the road from us.  You see them every once and a while and they are either pretty fearless or tame, it’s hard to tell.

DHS4 074


DHS4 077

Otherwise, we have been hanging out and enjoying the pools, checking out the desert cities and finding our next stop.  We leave here at the end of the month, which our timing couldn’t be better, it’s going to be close to 100 degrees by next weekend.  Summers here can be brutal, but those who stay year round love it and live inside during the day and enjoy the cool nights when the sun goes down.  I didn’t think I would make it through this month.  I have never had much issue with allergies other than a sniffle or two, but here…the Oleander…it kicked me hard!  It is so beautiful and smells so good, but once it bloomed, I was sick as a dog.  Took about 3 weeks, but I am getting back to normal.

DHS part 2 065

DHS4 069

DHS4 070

Oleander...beautiful, smells great, very poisonous.

Oleander…beautiful, smells great, very poisonous.

DHS4 052

We really liked our work camping jobs here and decided that where ever we decided to go after here, we would want to do the same.  Here we were able to work for credit which paid for our site and electricity, the next place we were hoping to also make some sort of a wage along with a free site.  We had no clue the amount of opportunity there is out there.  We joined a website that specializes in this type of thing and posted our joint resume and pictures of ourselves, the dogs and our rig….a few weeks later we were getting offers on the spot,  job postings were coming in at 15-20 per day.  There are a ton of people that do this type of thing and a ton of places willing to hire them.  We have met quite a few here alone.  One of the free sites we used was coolworks.com.  If you are willing to travel (not necessarily in an rv either) , there is a ton of opportunity and cool experiences out there.

We originally were going to go to a horse ranch/bed and breakfast in Wyoming.  It was a small and quaint place, I was going to do office work and cooking, Steve would do pool and yard maintenance.  Then we got an offer that was to good to pass up on and we are heading to Crater Lake in Oregon.  We will be arriving there in the first part of May.  While it will be 100 degrees in Desert Hot Springs, there will still be snow on the ground at Crater Lake!!!  But the views look awesome.  Steve is going to be working at Annie’s Restaurant doing cooking prep work and I am going to be working as a HR Assistant, working with the 280 kids they hire for the summer.

Crater Lake!  Awesome!

Crater Lake! Awesome!

The next week we will be busy getting the motor home ready to travel the 800 plus miles to Crater Lake.  We hope to make it in 2-3 days weather permitting.  Please enjoy our last post and pictures (for now) from Sky Valley in Desert Hot Springs, next post…Crater Lake, OR.

DHS4 063

One of the many ponds around the resort.

DHS4 061

Huge statue of Marilyn Monroe on the main drag in Palm Springs

Huge statue of Marilyn Monroe on the main drag in Palm Springs

Sami chillin on the couch.

Sami chillin on the couch.

Ozzie is still as goofy as ever!

Ozzie is still as goofy as ever!

DHS4 066

We’ll be in touch!

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie….living the dream!


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2 thoughts on “Getting ready to move from our desert paradise!

  1. Can’t wait to “read” (wish it was “ride”) along to your next adventure!!!roglau

  2. Wow..you ‘kids’ have had quite the adventure! I am so happy for you things are working out the way they are! Crater Lake you will love! Just when you think you have seen the prettiest …along comes another view point.
    We have put our coach in a consignment place…bitter sweet feelings! I know we will miss it, but it is time after 22 + years to hang up
    the keys. Seems like forever for selling the coach! Ed was very ready for the ‘thing’ to be gone from our yard.
    Travel safely, and keep enjoying life! Love the pictures! Your Roadrunner came out really good. I love your blogs!
    Until later…
    Dale and Ed

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