Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

On our way to Crater Lake, OR


It was Sunday and time to leave the desert, we missed being on the road and seeing new things and were excited for the next chapter in our travels.  The weather was hot and was supposed to get up to 104 on Sunday, we hoped that the further north we got, the cooler it would get, but that didn’t happen…at least the first day.

We headed back towards LA and got on Hwy 5 which we would stay on for most of the way.  Just north of the LA area we passed through Angeles National Forest.  It seemed to take forever to get through the mountains as the grades were pretty steep.  But once we passed the last of the mountain peaks, we saw something we hadn’t seen in a very long time…flat land!!!

DHS to Crater Lake 033

DHS to Crater Lake 031

DHS to Crater Lake 029

DHS to Crater Lake 039

DHS to Crater Lake 040

Wonder how often this is needed?

DHS to Crater Lake 041

As we headed North on Hwy 5, we saw miles upon miles of orchards along the road.  Some covered in netting, others not.   The land itself was almost like the desert other than the orchards that were all fed from aqua ducts  that convey water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains and valleys of Northern and Central California to Southern California.   Harvesting these orchards must be a huge undertaking.

DHS to Crater Lake 044

Then as we were driving, the smell hit us.  We first thought it was our holding tanks, but then a few miles down the road, we saw it.  The largest cattle ranch we’d ever seen!  This ranch went on for at least 5 miles and there were cattle everywhere.  Even though it was a bit on the smelly side, it was oddly clean!

DHS to Crater Lake 046

DHS to Crater Lake 049

We pulled off in Los Banos for the night, still pretty warm – 97 degrees.  The next day we headed north, not knowing how far we’d go, but hoped to get close to Redding.  The land north of here was pretty boring and there weren’t many towns or places to stop.  We passed through Sacramento, however we weren’t able to see much from the highway, most of the ride was blocked off by cement walls.

DHS to Crater Lake 059

DHS to Crater Lake 054

DHS to Crater Lake 055

Sami and Ozzie found a cozy spot to sleep for the ride.

DHS to Crater Lake 052

We pulled off in a town by Redding called Anderson, we could see Mt. Shasta (elevation 14,162) up ahead and to the east was Lassen Peak (elevation 10,457).   Next morning we headed north again, today we would drive to Klamath Falls, OR.

On the way we passed Lake Shasta and the Mt. Shasta.  The views were breathtaking and the temps were cooling off nicely by this point.  Mid 70’s.

DHS to Crater Lake 083

DHS to Crater Lake 104

DHS to Crater Lake 102

DHS to Crater Lake 079

DHS to Crater Lake 076

DHS to Crater Lake 074

DHS to Crater Lake 071

DHS to Crater Lake 111

When we hit Weed, CA, we got off of Hwy 5 and headed north to Klamath Falls on Hwy 97.  There we would stay for the next two nights so we could get a few minor repairs done on the motor home and stock up good on supplies.  Once we got to Crater Lake, we wouldn’t be close to much of anything.  The closest Walmart would be a good hour away.

DHS to Crater Lake 122

DHS to Crater Lake 123

Just had to get a picture!

DHS to Crater Lake 126

DHS to Crater Lake 128

Thursday morning we gassed up did a little last minute shopping and off we were to Crater Lake.  We drove along the upper Klamath Lake.  The views were awesome, but the pictures didn’t turn out the best.  Not 100% sure but believe that is Mt. McLoughlin in the background.

DHS to Crater Lake 142

DHS to Crater Lake 144

DHS to Crater Lake 148

We made it to Crater Lake on Thursday.  I started work on Friday and work in the dormitory building in the picture below which is about 100 yards away from where we are set up, it’s a nice and short commute!  The HR dept is right next to the front door.  The snow is melting so we can actually see out the window if you look up!  All the windows have metal bars so the snow and ice don’t break the them.  It’s pretty slow here now, but starting next Thursday, most of the kids will start arriving who will be working in the park this summer.  In the next few weeks we will be very busy.  Steve starts on the 12th, we’ll have to get a picture of where he is working too.  We haven’t gotten up to the lake yet, maybe today.  Have heard that the Lake is awesome and you really can’t take a bad picture.  Will post them as soon as we get up there.

DHS to Crater Lake 166

DHS to Crater Lake 157

Ozzie and Sami love the snow.  They jump up on the snow banks and roll around.  Here is Ozzie being king of the snow bank.

DHS to Crater Lake 160

DHS to Crater Lake 164

DHS to Crater Lake 158

DHS to Crater Lake 169

Well that’s it for now.  More to come…..


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2 thoughts on “On our way to Crater Lake, OR

  1. Great pictures…such amazing sights. Thanks for sharing all the pictures for us to enjoy too.

  2. The pic’s are beautiful and you are so fortunate to be able to see these sites. Awesome


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