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Crater Lake

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We’ve been at Crater Lake now just a little over a week.  The snow has gone down quite a bit due to the rain and thunderstorms we seem to have every afternoon.  Had off today and decided to head up to the top of the mountain to see the lake and to see if we could find a cell phone signal.  It takes about 20 minutes to get all the way to the top where the elevation is over 7,100 ft.

The views from the  top are amazing!  Even with all the snow, the temps were warm and was surprised by how many people were there.   Did find a small area on the rim where we got 3 bars on the cell phone….for about 30 seconds.  Guess we will just have to rely on the internet for the next 5 months unless we head back down the mountain back towards civilization!

Crater Lake 019

Crater Lake 028

Crater Lake National Park is 183,224 acres large!  Crater Lake itself  is approximately 5 by 6 miles across and has an average depth of 1,148 ft with a maximum depth of 1,949 ft.  It is the third deepest lake in the world.  There are no rivers flowing into or out of the lake, the evaporation is compensated by rain and snow fall.  With an average snowfall of 44 ft. per year, it’s easy to understand how the lake maintains it’s levels.  The water in this lake is one of the purest in North America.

Crater Lake 020

Crater Lake 021

Crater Lake 022

Crater Lake 026

I owe all these awesome photos to my personal shuttle driver up to the rim…Steve!  He was offered another position here instead of working at Annie’s Restaurant and is now one of the Shuttle Drivers who picks up employees from various places in the park and drives them to the employee dinning room, back to their dorms or where ever they need to get to.  It’s a great gig and the scenery along the way is something you could never get tired of.  We have met a lot of people here that come from all over the states.   There are even a few people from Wisconsin, including Madison and the Milwaukee area.  All very nice!!

That’s about it for now.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!  And to ours, we miss you and love you!!!


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One thought on “Crater Lake

  1. Welcome to the park! It is always a pleasure to see employees who seem to be excited to be working with us as partners in serving visitors. You are experiencing a very rare spring indeed as normal snow levels at this time are about five feet higher than what you see and thunderstorms are isolated events. I hope you have a great summer experience here!

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