Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Rim Drive


After a cold, rainy and snowy Saturday we were ready to get out and do a little exploring.  Today was sunny and about 60 degrees but we knew it would be much colder up around the rim, so we threw on our sweatshirts and packed the kids in the car and up the mountain we went.  The dogs haven’t but up to the lake yet or to the elevation we hit and I don’t think we will be bringing them back up with us again.  It didn’t settle to well with one of them and we had a bit of a mess to clean up when we got back.  Guessing it was Ozzie, poor guy.

We took the rim drive as far as we could until the road was closed.  We were able to go about 15 miles or so and there were tons of areas to pull over and take pictures.  I think we took over a 125 pictures but we won’t bore you with all of them.  Here are some of our favorites.

Crater Lake 002

These Stellar Jays are everywhere!

Rim Drive 029

Rim drive – Crater Lake…something everyone should see once in their life.  The water is so blue!

Rim Drive 048

Rim Drive 037

If you look the other way away from the lake, the views go on forever.

Rim Drive 114

Rim Drive 105

Rim Drive 080

There is still a lot of snow, wouldn’t want the job of plowing these roads in the winter!

Rim Drive 103

Rim Drive 111

Rim Drive 086

Rim Drive 085

Rim Drive 072

Rim Drive 064

Rim Drive 058

Rim Drive 050

Rim Drive 088

Rim Drive 047

Until next time…


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3 thoughts on “Rim Drive

  1. Beautiful pictures. Happy Belated Birthday Steve, Uncle Chuck & Aunt Kathy

  2. Love it…pretty cool..in many ways!!

  3. Unbelievable beauty. Too bad about the dogs but that is pretty high up. The snow is crazy.


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