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Moving along into Idaho


About a week ago, we left what we thought would be our home for the summer.  It definitely was a beautiful place to visit and we would recommend that everyone should see it once in their life, however it wasn’t the place for us.  So we packed up the motor home and headed back down the mountain and back to civilization.

We stopped in Klammath Falls for the night at our favorite Walmart Parking lot and planned out the next leg of our journey.  Somewhere warmer and where we wouldn’t have to see any more snow unless it was way up in the mountain.

We decided we were headed east to Idaho and started on our way.  The drive through the rest of Oregon North on Hwy 395 and then east on Hwy 20 was very scenic.  Every time you passed the next mountain or turned the next corner, the landscape changed dramatically.

CL to ID 037

CL to ID 013

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CL to ID 035

Lake Abert was really amazing.  We kept thinking, why isn’t there anyone on the lake fishing or boating – it was such a nice area.  Then we pulled over and read that there are no fish in the lake at all.  The Alkaline levels of the water are so high.  The only thing living in it are brine shrimp which brought a lot of shore birds to the lake.  The odor was unpleasant at times, kind of reminded us of imitation crab meat.  YUCK!  We were hoping to see some big horn sheep too, but no luck.

CL to ID 079

CL to ID 058

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As we drove north on Hwy 395, there wasn’t much of any sign of life or vehicles traveling.  Maybe passed by 5 cars an hour if we were lucky.  About 35 miles north of Lake Abert was another Lake called Alkali Lake.  There was no water in this lake though…just what appeared to be a dry white powdery stuff.  Back in the late 60’s and early 70’s this was part of a chemical waste dump.  Such a shame, the surroundings are so beautiful.

CL to ID 095

Oh and yes…I drove for the very first time! Twice in one day!  Let me tell those of you who are laughing right now, it’s not that easy!!!  Driving a 37ft motor home, towing a Jeep through the hills and turns in one lane traffic……I thought I was going to have a heart attack.  Well, ok it wasn’t that bad, but I think I will stick to the 2 lane highways from here on out!  Ha! Ha!

CL to ID 099

More views of Eastern Oregon.  Sorry for the dirty windshield shot!

CL to ID 159

CL to ID 112

CL to ID 118

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CL to ID 154

We interrupt this Blog for a quick update….Ozzie wanted to quickly say hello!  He is such a ham for the camera!

CL to ID 001

Next destination was Boise and Camping World.  Had a few minor things we needed to get done on the motor home and it turns out that you can camp there for free with power.  Since the weather was getting into the 90’s during the day, we took advantage of that and being in a town where we could stock up on supplies.  After a few days, we headed  to south-central Idaho.

If you  look really close…you can see them.  Antelope!

CL to ID 192

CL to ID 178

Cattle or Stock as they call them out here are free range and all over the place, even the roads!

CL to ID 181

As we were driving along, the earth seemed to change from grass to desert to black earth.  It almost seemed that a fire had come through the area and torched it.  But nope, it was just Crater National Park .  The black is lava rock and if you look closely, you can see the lava flows from the Hwy.  We passed the parks entrance but are staying close by so we may head back for a visit.

CL to ID 208

CL to ID 210

CL to ID 211

Never tire of the views!

CL to ID 199

So we found our campsite and are set up for the night.  Don’t know if we will stay a night or a week…..but this is what we see out our windows in every direction.  It maybe hard to leave here so soon! The photo directly below is Borah Peak, the highest summit in Idaho at 12,662 ft elevation.  The other photos are part of the Lost River Range.

CL to ID 221

CL to ID 219

CL to ID 220

So that brings us up to date on whats been happening in our neck of the woods.  Feel free to comment on our blog and let us know if you have any good suggestions, destinations or if you just want to say hello!

Living the Dream!

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie!


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2 thoughts on “Moving along into Idaho

  1. Back to work for Tom, noooo! I am sure it will be good to see friends and family again though! And yes, you have to come to Idaho! We just saw a real live cattle drive on the highway this morning, with real cowboys and dogs moving them along!! It was pretty unreal!

  2. Love it! Good to see you driving. Isn’t it just great to be able to say…I don’t want to stay here and be able to move on. Wow we have to get to Idaho. We are camping at the State Fair RV park in Milwaukee. Tom has to get up in the morning and be to work at 8. Can’t believe that will happen..but it is good to see friends. Get to see some of the Manpower people.

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