Adventures of Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie

Mesa Falls, ID

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After hanging out in Leslie, Idaho for a few days and seeing our first real-life cattle drive right in front of our park, we said goodbye to the only other inhabitants of the whole RV park (besides us) and headed East.

Leslie ID to YS 047

Leslie ID to YS 045

These little guys were everywhere!

Leslie ID to YS 015

We were heading to Rexburg for a quick stop on our way to Island Park.

Leslie ID to YS 049

Leslie ID to YS 052

On the way, we decided to take one of Idaho’s scenic Byways.  Hwy 47 takes you to Mesa Falls.  The upper area was free and you could see for miles around.

Leslie ID to YS 085

Leslie ID to YS 084

Leslie ID to YS 087

The lower falls had a small entrance fee of $5 on the honor system, but it was well worth it.  The road was pretty tricky getting down, narrow and lots of bends – we were glad it was a slow day!

Leslie ID to YS 097

Leslie ID to YS 100

Leslie ID to YS 104

Leslie ID to YS 106

Leslie ID to YS 114

Sami and Ozzie loved the walk to the falls.  They have gotten so good while we are on the road.  They still like to sleep right by my feet with the vents blowing on them while Steve drives.

It was time to stop for the night and we pulled into the Targhee National Forest to a little campground called Buffalo, it was very wooded and there was a river that ran right behind it.  They have the nicest campgrounds in the National Forest.  Paved pull through spaces, paved patios with a picnic table and grill as well as a sand pad for tents.  Very nice!!  We spend two nights there.  On our first day, we thought someone was having a fire that was really smoky, but didn’t smell anything, then we thought maybe a front is moving in or something and it was fog rolling in…but no….when the winds picked up….we experienced our first evergreen pollen storm.  We still are trying to clean up the  yellow dust everywhere in the motor home, it was such a nice day and we had every window open.  Mosquitos were really bad too, but we had still had a good time.

Leslie ID to YS 118

Leslie ID to YS 123

Leslie ID to YS 125

Our apologies, we are a bit behind in our updates on here, but next post – Yellowstone!!  We have hundreds of pictures to sort through and it was awesome.  Stay tuned….much more to come!


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