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We didn’t have far to travel to get to our next campground.  It was about 15 miles up the road and only another 12 miles to the West Entrance of Yellowstone.   We quickly checked in, got set up, packed the car and headed to the park.  Today we planned on heading south at the Madison Junction to see Old Faithful.

YS 122

Along the way we stopped off to check a bunch of geysers.  The park was pretty busy, sometimes finding a place to park was challenging.  The weather was cool but we didn’t mind.

YS 060

YS 037

YS 047

Some of the geysers had the bluest water, it was almost deceiving that they were so hot! This one was called the Sapphire Geyser, easy to tell why.

Finally got to Old Faithful.  We parked and waited and enjoyed a quick ice cream cone.  I finally got to taste the Huckleberry flavor everyone out here raves about, it was pretty darn good.

YS 063

Old Faithful eruptions intervals have varied from 40 to 126 minutes, you could tell right when it was about to go…people flocked in from all over.  It was neat to see.

YS 079

YS 065

Sorry for the cheesy picture, next time we have to get someone to take it for us.

YS 100

YS 101

YS 102

YS 096

YS 104

YS 105

We also saw quite a bit of wild life the first day.  You could always tell when something had been spotted, cars would be stopped in big traffic jams along the way.  Some of the pictures are a bit hazy as it was cloudy and we had our camera zoomed out as far as possible.

YS 021

YS 032
YS 106

YS 107

YS 118

YS 119

Our second day in the park was much better.  We decided to head north into the park and did one large circle that lasted about 7 hours.  We once again started at the Madison Junction, headed East, then North, West and then finally back south to the Madison Junction.  Each time we headed a different direction, the scenery changed so much.  It was almost like we were in a totally different park.  The weather was cool and overcast again.   When we got to higher elevations, we even had snow!

YS 163

YS 145

If you look closely, you can see the mountain goat.

YS 129

Waterfalls were awesome.

YS 126


YS 182

YS 168

YS 170

Can’t get away from road construction, even in your National Parks!

YS 173

More wildlife.

YS 220

YS 199

This guy was realllly close!

YS 211

YS 203

Mammoth Hot Springs.  This was really cool to see up close.

YS 219

YS 222

We ran into some rain as well and once it cleared and the sun came out, there was a massive rainbow.   Can tell already the picture is not going to upload very well.  But it was really beautiful.

YS 242

YS 231

YS 232

YS 240

We had a really great time exploring this park.  We were looking forward to our next stop Teton National Park.  The drive there was amazing, being there, even better!  Until next time…..

YS 269


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