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Grand Tetons

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After leaving Yellowstone, we headed to Victor ID to explore The Grand Teton National Park.  It was a beautiful drive with  rolling green hills and the mountains in the background.  Every once in a while though, you come upon something different that you just have to pull over and take a picture of – this was one of them.

Tetons to Ogden UT 167

Tetons to Ogden UT 163


Tetons to Ogden UT 166

We were camping about a good 50 minutes from the closest park entrance and had to get across the mountain first.  We took the Teton pass, thank goodness we were only in the Jeep and not in the motor home.  This pass had some wicked grades and smelled of hot brakes!

Tetons to Ogden UT 008

Tetons to Ogden UT 010

Once we got to the bottom of the pass, we were in Jackson Hole.  This was one of the cutest places.  It was like an upscale Wisconsin Dells with a western feel.  There were nice stores and boutiques, even a Sotheby’s so you knew there was a lot of folks with money around this area.

Tetons to Ogden UT 024

Tetons to Ogden UT 026

Tetons to Ogden UT 025

Tetons to Ogden UT 151

Tetons to Ogden UT 145

Unique art everywhere….

Tetons to Ogden UT 022

Once we got through Jackson Hole, we headed north to the park.  Beware, if you are sick of pictures of the mountains, this will for sure bore you!!

Tetons to Ogden UT 046

Tetons to Ogden UT 047

Unlike Yellowstone, you were pretty limited on where you can go in this park, there aren’t a lot of roads you can take off the main drag.  It made the park seem busier than it was and anytime that you pull off to see something, there are a ton of people doing the same thing.  There wasn’t a lot of wildlife either, saw one elk and a squirrel, that was it!  But the scenery made up for all that.  Jenny Lake was very nice!

Tetons to Ogden UT 053

Tetons to Ogden UT 054

Tetons to Ogden UT 055

We also took a drive up to Signal Mountain, elevation 7727 ft.  The views were spectacular and the wildflowers, they were everywhere!

Tetons to Ogden UT 079

Tetons to Ogden UT 070

Tetons to Ogden UT 076

Tetons to Ogden UT 078

On the way back down we got some good shots of Jackson Lake.

Tetons to Ogden UT 067

Tetons to Ogden UT 069

Tetons to Ogden UT 097

Getting a little off  topic, for those of you who have a trailer, camper or motor home, you know that pictures on the wall are something you just learn to live without.  The walls just aren’t built to support the weight.  Well our motor home came with just one picture, and I have to admit…I really never paid any attention to it.  Steve did though and when we saw the pull over for the Snake River, we thought we’d do our best to recreate it the awesome black and white by Ansel Adams – The Tetons-Snake River.

Tetons to Ogden UT 2111

This was the plaque in viewing area, same picture.

Tetons to Ogden UT 121

And this was the best we could do… the trees have grown a bit since then.

Tetons to Ogden UT 117

We left Victor and headed south by the early afternoon we would be in Utah.

Tetons to Ogden UT 178

Tetons to Ogden UT 174

Tetons to Ogden UT 185

We got into Utah and were not only greeted by this nice sign, but road construction!  It had to have gone on for a good 30 miles of one lane road.  Their speed limit here in a construction zone….65 mph!

Tetons to Ogden UT 195

We ended up in Ogden, UT.  We are really close to Salt Lake, even got a quick shot of it on the way.  Ogden is also where the Osmonds (Donny and Marie) were born and raised.

Tetons to Ogden UT 202

We have been here for almost 8 days now…the heat has been over 100 everyday.  We hadn’t planned on staying this long and had hoped to be in Zion National Park by now, but we may need to scrap that idea as it’s over 110 there and no relief in sight.  Tomorrow starts a cool down here and we will be in the mid 90’s.  Don’t think that will make much difference really.

So that brings us up to date!  Wishing you all a very happy and safe 4th of July!

Steve, Patti, Sami and Ozzie!


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