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Hoodoos Everywhere! Bryce Canyon National Park.

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We left Ogden and the triple digit temperatures and headed south to check out Bryce Canyon National Park.  Once we got past Salt Lake City and surrounding burbs the drive was very scenic.  Stopped along the way to fuel…didn’t expect to see this at the gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Bryce 034

Nor did we know that there are such things as Lavender Farms…but I guess it has to be grown somewhere…

Bryce 023

It was easy to tell we were getting closer to Bryce Canyon by the color of the rocks, well that is until I got us a little off track by missing our turn…sometimes I am a bit challenged with the map.  Poor Steve, turning around a 37ft motor home towing a jeep…well it’s not easy, you can’t exactly back up when you are towing the jeep.

Bryce 073

Bryce 081

We got to our camp and set up.  It was raining and thundering out and we didn’t want to miss anything due to bad weather, so we waited until the next day to head into the park.  We had seen pictures, but didn’t expect to see what we did.  Our first stop was called Inspiration Point and was at an elevation of 8100 ft and overlooked the Bryce Amphitheater.

Bryce 083

Bryce 108

Bryce 095

The rock formations are what they call Hoodoos, pillars of rock left by erosion.

Bryce 091

Bryce 086

The park itself is 18 miles long until you hit the top, Rainbow Point.  Along the way are various places to pull over and see all the different formations.

Bryce 122

Bryce 138

Bryce 140

This was called Natural Bridge, it looks more like an arch.

Bryce 150

Thors Hammer.  We are now at about 8800 ft.

Bryce 157

Finally we hit the top.  Rainbow Point is at an elevation of 9115 ft.  It is the highest point in Utah.  You really felt as if you were on top of the world up here.

Bryce 172

Bryce 178

Bryce 179

Bryce 199

By this point we had never seen so many rental RV’s or heard so many languages spoken in one place.  This definitely is a destination spot for German, Italian and Indians.

Got back to our camp just in time for a quick hail storm and then the sun popped back out.  After getting smoked out from our neighbors campfire of wet wood last night, we were ready to head out to a smaller less popular campground.  Drove to Kanab, UT and have our selves a nice little spot right in town and no fire pits!  Best Friends Animal Shelter is here.  It’s a large no-kill animal shelter that is quite popular http://bestfriends.org/Who-We-Are/Our-Story/ , looking forward to touring that and seeing all the amazing view around here.  The weather is supposed to heat up again, but really hoping to hit Zion and Lake Powell, but we may stay here for awhile too…who knows what tomorrow will bring???

Until then……


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