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The Sanctuary

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We debated whether or not we would dedicate a whole blog to our visit to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, but after looking back, it would be wrong not to.  After we left Bryce Canyon, we headed to Kanab, UT.  Cute little town, not much to it but it was a nice place to kick back and relax, plus it was only 7 miles away from the sanctuary.

On our way, we think we possibly found our next motor home, what do you think?

LP1 002

LP1 025

But the main reason we were here was to tour this awesome NO KILL facility, home to more than 1700 cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, potbellied pigs, birds…you name it, on any given day.  The facility is  nestled in the red-rock canyons of southern Utah and is a healing place for homeless pets, really unlike anything we had ever seen.  They take in pets from all over the country, including a good portion of Micheal Vick’s dogs (the NFL player who spent 21 months in prison for running a dog fighting ring a few years back ), they got the worst of the bunch and pretty sure that our guide said that most been adopted out.  Also, a lot of Katrina rescues were relocated here.

LP1 035

LP1 040

LP1 043

This is the main visitor center.  There is a reflection pond, gift store and movie room where you start the tour.  Outside there are humming birds flying everywhere.

LP1 042

LP1 044

Even the drinking fountain is set up for four legged friends, adults and kids….

LP1 041

Our tour was about 2 hours long touring the facility and seeing the horses, cats and dogs.   There was more you could come back to see on special tours, like the pot-bellied pigs, birds and other tenants.  On the way to our first stop, we passed by Angels Rest.  I don’t know if you will be able to see it, but this is the pet cemetery.  There are markers all over, some with pictures of  pets on them, some with collars or other special items..the polls have wind chimes and they are everywhere.  When the wind picks up in the afternoon, they say it’s quite magical.

LP1 051

LP1 049

Our tour got to visit the cats with feline leukemia.  These cats would normally be put down if tested positive, but here, they can live out their lives happy and even be adopted.  The thing with feline leukemia is that it can only be spread from cat to cat by saliva.  It can’t be transmitted to humans, so in a one cat home they are fine, or you can adopt multiple cats and they will be fine.

LP1 058

LP1 056

The facility was spotless, no odor, no dirt…it was very impressive.  Steve even found a friend…

LP1 054

For those of you who have visited your local humane society, we know they do their best, but if all animals could live like this and in these conditions… until they are adopted out or just maybe live out their years…

If your local shelter is a no-kill shelter, they can partner with Best Friends and all their resources will be available to them as well.  Visit http://www.bestfriends.org for more information.

LP1 061

Then it was time for Dog Town…yes..the same place that the National Geographic Channel show is about.  They go by a collar system here.  Green for go..or adoptable, Purple for needs work and Red for animals who volunteers or visitors can’t be by, only because they need work on their life plan  (yes, every dog, cat, etc.. has a life plan that is set for them by the staff) and are not ready, doesn’t mean that they won’t be someday.

LP1 069

This guy still needs a home.  We didn’t get to meet to many dogs, but they sure seemed happy here.  You can stay here and have pets for sleep overs in their cottages, take them for lunch at their diner or just  take them for a drive.  Many just volunteer for an hour or move out here and volunteer year round.

LP1 070

If anyone is out this way, please visit.  Or if you are looking for a worth while cause to support, this is it.  They receive no government funding and run only on private donations or adoption fees.

Next, Lake Powell….


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